Lifted from Punctuation

4 movies I’d watch again:
The Pianist, Cinema Paradiso, The Devil Wears Prada, Hellzapoppin

4 places I’ve lived:

Rome, New York, Paris, Budapest

4 TV shows I watch:
Friends (oh come on…who doesn’t like friends!?), Prison Break, Quantam Leap, Sex and the City

4 people I email:
Racheal, Aunty V, My Mother, Sally

4 things I eat:

Muller Rice, Brie, Hula Hoops, Biscuits by the truckload, Steamed veg

4 places I’d rather be:
SeaWorld, On safari, Alice Springs hugging the baby roos, on holiday anywhere with Shep


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10 Responses to “Lifted from Punctuation”

  1. Matt Says:

    Quantum Leap quality programing at it’s best not so sure about Devil wears Prada?

    My films
    Dune, American Psycho, Leon, Finding Nemo 🙂

  2. sungirltan Says:

    i’d have put finding nemo but i was embarrased!

  3. Matt Says:

    lol nothing wrong with nemo!

    Once we did impressions of Dory’s whales language whilst scuba diving in Egypt looking for Hammer heads we got some funny looks from others in the group lol

  4. Fabulous Says:

    Quantum Leap hehe i think that is my guilty pleasure to. Old but good.

  5. punctuation Says:


    Devil wears Prada. Quality Film. (Just a reminder; I am not gay, despite all evidence to the contrary).

    Paris. Love. Love. Love.

    Friends. Yeah!!. Prison Break. Yeah yeah! Quantum Leap. Yeah yeah yeah. Sex in the City. Er, no. Did I mention I’m not gay?

    Seaworld. Yup. Not been on holiday with Shep but I’m sure it would be lurvely. Baby roos… hmmm – we are in danger of straying into territory now…. 🙂 (Click it, you know you want to… p.s. I’m not gay).

  6. sungirltan Says:

    ian – ok ok you can be my friend. if you’re gay so is shep

  7. amillionpieces Says:

    I’m with the punctuated one. Straight but still thinking DWP was a good flick! 🙂

  8. sungirltan Says:

    i’ll beleive you peter – millions wouldn’t

  9. Perpetual Says:

    I loved watching Quantum Leap!

  10. sungirltan Says:

    perp – you can be in my gang then.
    i have seasons 1 – 3 on dvd. shep scoffs – i ignore him- i love it x

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