I am ridiculous.

This a picture of SGT/Shep towers. Well its a picture of our living room with no stuff in it. As you can see we have lots of floor to ceiling windows – the rest of the apartment is like this too pretty much except the bathrooms. Me being me I tend to wander about semi naked/naked quite alot with comeplete disregard to anyone looking in. Until…..

Last night the intercom rang.

Them: Um hello, my names Kate I live in the house opposite. Do you think I could talk to you for a minute?

Me: Um ok, I’ll come down.

*oh my god i’m about to be politely told off for exposure and this will be so embarrasing!!!*

At the door.

Me: Hi.

Kate: Um hi. Actually this is a bit difficult.

*Feck!!!! i was right!!!! feck!!*

Me: Um thats ok, i’ve convinced myself its about my partner and I walking around naked.

Kate: Ummmmmmmmmm no. Actually I was coming to ask if you’d consider renting me your parking space.

Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I despair of myself.


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21 Responses to “I am ridiculous.”

  1. Dom Says:

    Ooooh – seriously nice pad. What does it look like with furniture and a naked you in it? 😀

  2. pinkjellybaby Says:

    woweee! it’s seriously lovely! go you x

  3. sungirltan Says:

    dom – im planing an ‘at home’ but this will be pictures of the flat all tidy with maybe a non naked shep draped about somewhere. no further plans. sorry!

    tanx pjb xx

  4. cataclismical Says:

    heeheehee! (lovely flat by the way)

  5. Matt Says:

    Looks nice, 4 things come to mind thou

    1 Do you have much furniture
    2 Wouldn’t want to be the blind fitter
    3 Spot down lighters pet hate of mine!
    4 might be warm in the summer or is there AC

    Someone got to play devils advocate 🙂

  6. sungirltan Says:

    matt – 1. Moderate. 2 i think it came with blinds. 3. do you mean spotlights? 4. its warm now but i brought a fan with me (which shep scoffed at but we’ll need it!

  7. Matt Says:

    Yep might need the fan.

    Lights in the ceiling in the pic posted.

    Hate them Probably 50w just lazy designing, meant to be modern looking!?!
    It might be the fact I don’t like bright points of lights as I get flaring in my vision or the fact they have terrible spread of light aren’t green at all & completely over used in the sector of apartment design.

    yes they can work in kitchens to good effect where you have under counter lighting for your worktops to balance but in lounges & corridors wrong type of fitting. Reasons being poor light spread & output makes corridors dark and shadowy and in lounges have to be careful to place your tv not to get bad refection from there bright output.

    It really pains me when clients refuse to have anything else because they think these are trendy & can go anywhere 😦

    Rant over

    ps do hope you enjoy your time spent in the flat & ignore my rant wasnt directed at your place

  8. Mas Says:

    no-one should ever go and complain about seeing beautiful people naked – well – so long as you’re just doing “normal” things and nothing untoward 🙂 I have to be careful (being someone also comfortable about my naked body) what with my house being right on the street – walking around naked upstairs is okay (I think!) but downstairs where they can peer in through the window of the front room … probably not so much a good idea :S

    (oh and lovely flat too)

  9. sungirltan Says:

    matt – sorry the lights! we have them throughout! i admit the ones in the kitchen just arn’t enough though and its a bit gloomy.

  10. blue soup Says:

    Stunning place there girl! Way to go 🙂 Plus this post made me giggle 🙂

  11. amillionpieces Says:

    Nice pad! Very good.

    You know that neighbour is going to be looking now, don’t you?

  12. punctuation Says:

    “Tags: flat, naked.”

    …and people wonder why I am a blogger. 🙂

  13. sungirltan Says:

    ian – i may tag all my posts flat naked from now on.

  14. Fabulous Says:

    Lovely palace. Lucky you.
    I had a good old laugh though. Shame she was probably shy to ask you as she couldnt look you in the eye. She has seen so much more you see. hehehe

  15. Perpetual Says:

    Wow, that looks like a very nice place indeed.

    Did you blush much when you realised you’d said the wrong thing, and come to think of it, did your neighbour?

  16. sungirltan Says:

    fab – :-p

    perp – she was strangely unfazed!

  17. gemmak Says:

    Fab apartment :o)

    The naked thing is a pain isn’t it…we are 3 floors up, I thought we wern’t overlooked by anyone until a few days back……..eeekkk.

  18. punctuation Says:

    Gem – tell us more, have you got a “oops they must have seen us doing *that*” moment? 🙂

    I’m two floors up too and managed to open the lounge curtains one day to come face-to-face with a crane driver!

    Plus they’ve put webcams up now too to make absolutely certain that I get maximum exposure…


  19. sungirltan Says:

    ian – u luv it!

  20. punctuation Says:

    Shhh 😉

  21. Lisa Says:

    Yeah, but those cams are not even pointing at your flat, Ian. You’ll have to go to the construction site next door. 🙂

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