Here is another post where I make a list of whats been going on lately….

  • The hypnotherapy is going really well. Yanking my hair out has reduced by about 80% and the therapist and I have interesting talks. He also discredits the dyslexia/ADD diagnosis however. He is writing a book about some visual processing thing and after lots of discussion he concluded that I don’t get headaches because I short sighted but because my brain goes so fast I can see pixels refresh on powerpoint presentations and old fashined tellys/computers. I think this is probably true since I have been watching alot of Prison Break lately without my glasses on but on Shep’s posh flatscreen telly and not getting the crippling headaches I used to.
  • I had my final observation at my placement this year. It went really well. I also had my final supervision session in which my supervisor told me I had laot of potential as a social worker and had been highly praised by everytone on the team.
  • My placement has finished now and I am bit sad. I will miss them all and resent having to leave somewhere I felt liked and appreciated, no buts.
  • My placement manager hopes to get me into a refugee and asylum charity next year or Women’s Aid or a drug and alcohol adult team which I am really happy about.

On the other hand….

  • I submitted extenuating circumstances for both my Social Problems module and my Law exam this year. Everything got too much. I will be submitting them/sitting the exam in the summer now. They will be counted as first attempts but I am already wondering if I have shot myslef in the foot a bit here since I still only get one go now to pass the year. We shall see….if I have to repeat modules and take a year out its NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. It just feels like it is.
  • This also means that I don’t get much of a break this summer. Well I get about 2 weeks between resits and the start of term but I will be at the playscheme then anyway since we are running it all school holidays now. Ho hum. Its just one more year right?


  • Shep and I drove up to Dorset to go to Monkey World yesterday. It was very nice. Photos on FB when I get around to it.
  • We watched the start on the Transat race from our balcony on Sunday. Get me!
  • I have been covering some after school shifts with the winkies lately. Doing me good I think. Children are soul savers at the very least.
  • Its v hot in Plymouth just now. Mostly it just annoys me though! (I never know what to wear and summer apparel offends my conservative style).

7 Responses to “Here is another post where I make a list of whats been going on lately….”

  1. amillionpieces Says:

    I don’t think you should worry about your exams with the extenuating circumstances. You’re very good at this kind of thing and I’m sure that you’ll stufy and pass them both. Well done on getting such a good appraisal!

  2. pinkjellybaby Says:

    wow your hypnotherapy guy sounds good, i was going to go and see one before we left but i never got round to it – now i wish i had!

  3. sungirltan Says:

    pete – thanx

    pinky – he’s not cheap!! but my mum thinks he’s done so well with me she wants to pay for more – as long as i need it. he isnt just a hypno tho he does other neat stuff too

  4. gemmak Says:

    The hypnotherapy sounds cool, I tend to be sceptical about that stuff but I think I’m just too scared to try it really! ;o) I’m glad it’s making such a difference to you though.

  5. nikki Says:

    i LOVE you!!!

  6. sungirltan Says:

    g- he doesn’t do regression stuff and he’s not tried to uncover any repressed memories or anything – its just stuff about reprgramming my reactions to stuff so when i get stressed i don’t want to rip my hair out!

  7. Matt Says:

    My mates little girl used to pull her hair out when she couldn’t get her own way or frustrated, everybody used to think she was a boy but she’s stopping it now so her hair is growing & looks like a little girl.

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