In need of a friday funny….

This is Shep at Monkey World. Insert caption here…..


11 Responses to “In need of a friday funny….”

  1. Sal Says:

    Bloody hell. Johnny Vegas has lost some weight, hasn’t he? 😉

  2. Matt Says:

    If I stare at my hands long enough perhaps that monkey will go away!

  3. Matt Says:

    Ive heard of praying mantises never praying Marmosets!!

  4. blue soup Says:

    Which one is Shep? 😉

    jokes xxx

  5. sungirltan Says:

    bs – difficult to say x

    sal – he he he

  6. floatykatja Says:

    That monkey looks like he’s lighting a pipe.

  7. Perpetual Says:

    “Okay, so who is giving who the feeding bottle?”


  8. sungirltan Says:

    kat – or like he’s tryiong to whistle with an invisible balde of grass.

  9. Dave59r Says:

    Yardee yardee yar!!!!


  10. Lisa Says:

    Which one is the monkey? 🙂

  11. Midnight Says:

    “Ok I’ve on my prayer mat now which way is east?”

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