This blog is not currently exciting enough for Shep. (Shep freely admits to being addicted to my blog but has complained its boring at the moment – even though I pointed out that the last two entries are moslty about him).

Please suggest some things I could write/tell you about that might amuse him/all of you.

Thank you


26 Responses to “Apparently….”

  1. punctuation Says:

    The power of Twitter. 😉


    * The Russian Roulette of Sickness
    * The fact that the Labour Party have 30 days to pay their loans which were called in by the banks or they are officially bankrupt and the fun of the fact that Gordon Brown was the chancellor for 11 years and now Prime Minister and therefore must be deeply to blame 🙂
    * Old flavours of sweeties that you can’t get any more: I nominate Spangles (yummy)
    * Big Brother and whether or not you’ll Big Bother to watch one nanosecond even if you did watch it before.
    * Religion, politics (always good for an argument)
    * “Windows Vista is not shit” – discuss.
    * Intimate piercing – gross, freaky, painful or very sexy?

    I could go on, but my colleagues are reminding me that I am the boss and should actually be doing some work instead of blogging and using Twitter. 🙂

  2. sungirltan Says:

    I’m not doing politics – Shep n me fon’t agree. Its just not open for discussion.

    I f**king hate Big Brother.

    Religion…hmm….I might become a Quaker.

    We have Windows Vista on this ere laptop. Its moderately shit.

    I have 6 piercings. You can guess where they are if you want. Shep has one.

  3. punctuation Says:


  4. Matt Says:

    Do you like oats isnt that something to do with Quaker’s?

  5. amillionpieces Says:

    6? Hmm. I thought 4.

    1 in Nose. 1 in both ear lobes. 1 in the top cartilage of one ear.

    Punctuation my good mammal, over to you for more guessing.

  6. punctuation Says:

    Well if it wasn’t an EVEN number I’d guess at least one could get caught in a zip… 🙂

  7. sungirltan Says:

    matt – yes and no.
    pete – nose yes, two in each ear and one more.
    ian – we’re just not that rock n roll yet!

  8. amillionpieces Says:

    Oh yes, that one. I forgot…

  9. sungirltan Says:

    before you get too excited i#m fairly sure that all my piercings are visible in my facebook photos- so there!

  10. punctuation Says:

    I meant the zip of your anorak – what did you think I meant? 😉

  11. sungirltan Says:

    i dunno i thought you were talking about shep and he don’t embarrass easy!

  12. onestepbeyond Says:

    Tummy button, as I recall…

  13. sungirltan Says:

    osb – aye

  14. Dave59r Says:

    Awwww… little dear is very responsive…bless xxxxx

    1. Vista……..SHITE!!!
    2. The death throws of the labour party….he, he, he, how very amusing……will leave it at that as my gloating would be too much 🙂
    3. SGT piercings….Grrrrrrrr!!

  15. sungirltan Says:

    1. hey its not that bad! you’re just not very computer literate.
    2. i’ve not commited to any parties lately – i’m just not a TORY. i read a diamond quote the other day i just can’t remember who it was but it read ‘a definition of a conservative is one who is given two legs but still unable to move forward’.
    3. well i wanted a new one but i wasn’t allowed!

  16. Dom Says:

    I’m very computer literate and I have to agree that vista is shite. I STILL don’t have proper drivers from nvidia for my graphics card and after spending that much money on a laptop one wants it to work as advertised. I’ll be upgrading it to XP sometime in the near future 🙂

  17. hoverfrog Says:

    Vista makes shite look good. Everybody talks about upgrading to the previous OS, it’s unheard of.

    Write a drabble or haiku about cookies.
    Book review – they’re always fun.
    Politic and religion – both together.
    Existentialism and the modern film industry.
    Filthy song lyrics.

  18. Lisa Says:

    Hey… my comment disappeared from yesterday. Dang WordPress. I was just gonna suggest we all go out and get a piercing of some sort, in your honour.

    Awhile ago, I thought about getting one in my ear cartilage (sp?), but I’m too chicken… especially since *someone* said it’s possible my cartilage could shatter in the wrong hands.

  19. sungirltan Says:

    lis – your cartilage can only shatter if they do it with a piercing gun which should only be used for ear lobes. if you make sure its with a needle its fine no risk.

  20. punctuation Says:

    My great-grandad on my mum’s side was always worried his willy would shatter if he got a Prince Albert piercing. Silly old Grandad Glasscock.

  21. punctuation Says:

    p.s. I’ll get my coat.

  22. sungirltan Says:

    thats priceless!!!

  23. punctuation Says:

    It was his real name too – they changed it to “Glasscoe” in the 1930s. Can’t think why…

  24. sungirltan Says:

    no me neither *bemused*

  25. Lisa Says:

    Umm.. a needle? Suddenly, this sounds painful. 🙂

  26. sungirltan Says:

    nah needle piercings are ok – only nose ones really hurt – everything else is softer so it hurts less

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