Hoverfrog’s blog list!

Write a drabble or haiku about cookies.

I don’t know what a drabble is. Here’s a haiku:

SGT likes fresh cookies.
Shep likes Maryland.
They suck.

Book review – they’re always fun.

I haven’t read a whole real book that wasn’t a textbook in some time. I have read a bit of Sperm Wars at Shep’s insistance though. It’s very dull. Actually the content is quite interesting, especially if you, like me are trying to get pregnant but as I said to Shep, matey could have fitted it all on one side of A4 if he’d just made bullet points. On that note at my hypotherapist’s suggestion I bought Why Men Have Sperm and Women Have Eggs/Joe Quirk (yes my life is very random and it has nothing to do with me pulling my hair out but bear with me) for Shep and packed it off to Scottishland with him. He thinks its better than his previously favourite book of all time!

Politic and religion – both together.

Ok, I voted green in the last two elections but if we have general I amy well vote lib dem. I’m never voting tory. Ever. I thought I’d vote labour forever but they seem to have abandoned their roots and I think they should change their name from the ‘Labour’ (like they give a shit about that anymore) to the ‘Middle Class’ party or even that might be too specific. That said thanks to Labour we do have a minimum wage and a slightly better deal for low income working families (i can evidence this because a single mum of three friend was able to go back to work because of those family tax credit things and can afford childcare and useful things like that which previously made it impossible to get off income support etc etc) Also this government made it possible for me to go back to uni and have enough money to live of without having to kill myself working part time (its still a shit deal for 18 year old students but hey you can wait!!) also Social Workers have had a Job Evaluation in Plymouth and starting salary is now £28k!! Its not all bad!

Right religion……

I’m not religious. I went to the tree hugging hippy school with no god whatsoever. However….I’m a live and let live person -your religion doesn’t bother me – I can’t pretend to understand what someone else’s life is all about so who am I to tell you they are false gods? If I had to be religious its Quaker all the way. Even though my lare stepdad left them for being too snobby. I am a bit snobby so I think it owuld be ok!

Existentialism and the modern film industry.

Hmm…do i create the meaning of my life?? Well who else is going to do it?

Films….its like this…….I like British mdern films and yank ones less so.


I can make cakes I just don’t. I made a cake for my ex. I shouldn’t have bothered. Shep’s not so into cakes/puddings.

Filthy song lyrics.

Hmmm. I only like slightly smutty lyrics. Favourites being Busted, especially that song about Air Hostesses – makes me laugh every timeThe likes of the Bloodhound Gang just offend me as being childish and unoriginal. I don’t like songs about drugs much either.

More blog nominations welcome xx


17 Responses to “Hoverfrog’s blog list!”

  1. punctuation Says:

    Hoverfrog stealing the headlines 🙂

    You forgot the old-fashioned-sweetie-they-should-bring-back option (although you did go for religion and politics).

    Q. if you had a free choice of pet – what pet would you have and why?

  2. sungirltan Says:

    ian – i don’t eat sweets that much – esp since i get bought upmarket chocs he he.

    Pet- thats easy a dog. shep towers is sadly so posh we arn’t allowed pets but i did aquire some little fish the other day. they make a bloop noise quite alor it makes me happy.
    when we move to a new house we’re getting a collie cross preferably with different coloured eys and wonky ears like theo nly i nearly stole from outside sainsburys the other day. and a siamese cat for me and a mog for shep. and some ducks. maybe a donkey. i could go on!

  3. punctuation Says:

    Okkkkkk. 🙂 I am am suffering from pet-nazi building rules too so I “only” have my fish tank. Not sure I’d go for a donkey… 😉

  4. hoverfrog Says:

    A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words.

    I too thought that I’d always vote Labour but they’ve turned into the Tories and the Tories have well, turned into the Tories. As important as I believe voting is (I think it should be compulsory) I’m inclined to spoil my paper with the sentiment of “what’s the point” only in less words.

    If you don’t get a donkey would you consider a crocodile?

  5. sungirltan Says:

    well……if it has to be a lizardy type thing i’d really much rather have a gecko. that would make me so happy.

  6. sungirltan Says:

    we should have a drabble contest!

  7. pinkjellybaby Says:

    there’s a little puppy exactly like that in the animal rescue place over here…. you should come and get him x

  8. sungirltan Says:

    pjb – ooooooh i want him!!! *sob*

  9. pinkjellybaby Says:

    me too. he sat on my foot and looked at me with his crazy eyes…. stupid allergic Boy.

    this is him

  10. sungirltan Says:

    meh – link no work!!!

  11. onestepbeyond Says:


  12. sungirltan Says:

    ooops. yes

  13. Amie Says:

    Pregnant!? are you taking a break from uni then? I don’t blame you for wanting a baby, I am terrible at the minute, Mark sits and looks at the paper on a sunday at the breakfst table and I look at baby clothes! x

  14. sungirltan Says:

    amie – not plannning to atm but i’ve only got another year.
    why can’t you start trying?

  15. punctuation Says:

    Trying is the fun bit. 🙂

  16. Amie Says:

    Ah I see….It’s not the right time, Marks too busy earning his mega bucks and iv just got this job and I wanna work for a bit and build a career b4 having a baby…..but can still have fun with the trying but not if you know what I mean!!

  17. elpollo Says:

    I like your writing, well done, very easy to read

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