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I don’t have to reference this once since I co wrote it…………but it was amillionpieces’ idea x

June 27, 2008
Blog Nostalgia Meme…


1.Can you remember without looking what your first post was about?

Without looking it was probably about quitting my job/going travelling and complaining about my then friend Laura.

2. Where did you write it?

A very chic net cafe called Ice Mango in Leicester which only had emacs – it was 2004 then and they were very now. I spent hours in there over the years and i hope its still there.

3. Which was the first blog you read?

Hmmm. It was defintely my real life friend Sals’ but i’m dammed if I can remember what it was called but it was definitely one of the old school 20six blogs.

4. Who did/do you tell about your blog if anyone?

I’d planned to tell everyone about my blog since I was travelling and thought i might not have to write so many emails…..BUT i soon leaned that writing about scandals and boys was more entertaining so I never sent out the email invite to the world. I told Sal I imagine but I’m still very selective about who reads it in real life. I sent the link to my friend Rach many moons ago and my ex Karl. Shep reads it with delight as you may have noticed. He might be the first boyfriend i’ve showed it to although i’m not too sure about that. Oh actually I did show it to one before but he was kind of a knob about it so I didn’t for ages after that. I’ve shown it to boys in passing who like net stuff OR have confessed to their own blogs. Theres a psychology dissertain just waiting to be written about blog psychology! The MYF’s know I have this but have never asked for the url or searched me. My mother knows i have it but just can’t understand how it works and lost interst!

I never tell people I work with about it.

5. Has your blog ever caused a scandal?

Yes. Note to all. If you want to show your curious girlfriend what your ex (me) looks like, showing her their blog is a really silly idea. Thats all i’m saying about that one. Reference the same ex, citing the full name of someone who has personally wronged you (intentionally or not) is also a bad idea (well at least password protect the entry).

6. Tell us something random which happened as a reslt of blogging?

I met a ton of 20sixers once at a birthday night out. I get xmas cards and postacards now and then from someone i’ve known 4 years but never met. We video skyped once but he may never recover from that! I’ve dated another blogger. Very briefly. I’m not going into that but if you really want to know about that you can ask on fb etc. I have never gone to a blinks. I think i’d like to though.

7. Snog, Marry or Avoid – pick another blogger for each.

Right. Snog = OneStepBeyond

Marry = Fabulous (she’s v good at making cakes n stuff – can’t go wrong with that!)

Avoid = He he, I pick puntucation – he’s like Shep only older and i don’t need another one!!

8. What’s your most amusing blog memory?

Hmm. I dunno about this one. Oh wait yes I do. A long long time ago…….another blogger who won’t be mentioned found a personal ad for another blogger. Thats all i’m saying in case people remember but we all laughed so hard we nearly wee’d.

Gonna be an Engineer

June 26, 2008

I have jus read this

We’re sick of being jerked around – Wear that on your sleeve.

June 25, 2008

Excuse me while I just rant.

(Bit of background before I start spewing……..I moved in with Shep in March. Before that I lived in a rented flat by myself close to the campus. I had a standard september to july contract which could only release me if I found a replacement tennant. Well I did just that and she moved in March 21st, signed a tennancy agreement which ran from that date until July and paid a deposit (which was £100 more than mine!!). The replacement tennant is a realy good friend of mine who had recently split from a co habiting relationship and needed to move quickly. But thats beside the point.)

I am a bit absent minded and have been meaning to rinng up about this for a while. I submitted my repayment claim with the Deposit Protection Service a few weeks ago but nothing happened. So I phoned up my old landlord.

Me: Hello, I was living in flat *** but I moved out on March 21st. I’ve registered with DPS. Can you release my deposit please or have I done it wrong or something?

Towers Lettings: Well we don’t release the deposit until the tennancy ends in July.

Me: Erm…I’ve foreited my contract and you’ve let the flat to someone else.

TL: Oh yes.

Me: So since you’ve taken a deposit from a new tennant can you release mine please unless you plan to make deductions which I’m happy to discuss.

TL: Well I suppose we’ll make an exception and I can put it through for you next week.

Me: Right good.

TL: She’s an interesting character isn’t she (new tennant)

Me: Oh yes (they have no idea whether i either know her from Adam or whether she is my sister – i never told them or deemed it necessary)

TL: Well we never see her. I mean well I think she works quite alot. (You never saw me unless I went in the office to moan about something which was only occasionally so what’s your point!?)

Me: So anyway did you do an inspection, do I lose any deposit for damage or anything?

TL: Well we haven’t inspected the flat. However the university inspector came a while back and she let them in to her flat. They had a few choice words to say.

Me: (Can’t think of anything to distract her)

TL: Yes well they said it was very messy and like something from Crimewatch. (Well firstly thats extrmemely rude, since she was doing the company a favour by letting the Accomodation use her flat to grade that building. Secondly whats that got to do with me??

TL: And…….She gets her rent paid by the council and sometimes they are really slow. I’ll have to get a deposit from them. (Why don’t you just give me her DOB and mother’s maiden name soi can clean out her bank account!!)

I’ve since checked with replacement tennant – who paid her deposit in cash and has a receipt and contract so the last random jibe was an outrageous lie!

So that was fun. If I don’t get my money back next week as promised I’ll be on to the CAB since helpful Ian sent me the legislation stating my deposit has to be returned in 7 working days. And as for the grossly unprofessional bitching about the current tennant – whether this is breaching DPA I’m not sure but I’m thinking if I write any letters I’m CCing them to the Accomodation Office at the uni.

Walk like a man….

June 19, 2008

So I am off to Scotland a week today to visit the Shep. We plan to walk up Ben Nevis and look at Loch Ness and not visit the Commando Museum. I was strictly told I had to have proper walking kit. I had a half hearted look at boots on the net a few weeks back, balked a bit and abandoned that game. I made the error of telling my mother about these impending purchases who has been nagging consistantlyfor some time now.
Yesterday the mother was supposed to visit me at 4pm after she’d done a coach tour with americans off a cruise ship visiting plymouth. Due the hurricane yesterday I got my mother at 7am as the tour was cancelled. I wasn’t even awake!
Unfortunately this meant I was backed into a corner re the boots and I was marched off to Blacks. I went up to the shoe area and took down all the shoes i’d consider wearing. Then sales lady turned up.
SL: Can I help?
Me: Yes, I have to go on holiday to scotland and walk up a mountain an d as you can see (gesture to knne high, high heeled boots) I am not a walking boots type of person – please can you tell me which ones of thse i can wear, Mr Tanya has instructed me to get 2 season boots, whatever they are and 1000 mile socks, i know what they look like u’ve seen them.
SL: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
We were there some time. SL and my mother seemed to enjoy nagging in tandem and laughing at me clomping about ikn what looked to me like rubber bricks. Eventually I ended up with the girl version of Shep’s Merrell boots which arn’t too hideous. On Friday I have to go back and get a jacket and a fleece and………………………………….trousers. The North Face jacket and fleece are quite chic and I like them but the idea of walking trousers……………………………..*makes petulent child face*

all i can think of is that Billy Conolly clip with him saying ‘i’m a youth hosteller, i have the anorak, do you know what my philliosophy is? a stranger is just a friend i haven’t met yet!!’

I read the news today….

June 17, 2008

I got so sad at the News at 10 last night. So much death and sadness. I made this to cheer myself up and feel grateful for what I have.

1. My boy.
2. Who sent me all these.
3. The tiger slippers I bought him (even though I warned him him they might look ‘a little bit gay’)
4. My magnetic letters can entertain me for ages – but our fridge is boxed in so I stick them on the bin!
5. Our view.
6. Early birthday pressie from my best girly mate.
7. Very tasty open sandwiches I have been making lately.
8. My cat Tiger Lily.
9. My cat Jess.
10. Best friends.
11. More of the boy.
12. My geranium has grown a whole extra flower. I was v impressed!

Through the keyhole….

June 16, 2008

I made some mention of doing an ‘at home’ at some point. So here it is….

This is Shep Tower’s living room. Some of the items are actually mine he he.

I bought this and it’s friend from Ikea last week. Much mirth has been made about whether I can keep them alive or not.

(this one didn’t come out very well and if I open the blinds it looks like i’m trying to take a picture of the inside of the sun)

This is the terrace. As you can see we can only have one guest at a time!

Shep’s baby.

More OCD heaven.

My fish friends!!


June 13, 2008

I’ve been having a good rant on I’m in that grouchy mood. I got so bored this week I started going for runs on my own. In hindsight, Stonehouse at teatime isn’t overly safe for me. I’m only little. Too many drunk folk for my liking! However a bunch of marines leaned out of a car and told me they were inl ove with me. It was almost worth it for that! (Before anyone gets excited I was fully covered, wrists to ankles!).

I have a chum visitng for the weekend if the trip isn’t scuppered by this fuel problem. If anyone needs me this weekend I will be poncing about in Annabels, or possibly Zeros if I get pawed too much.


June 11, 2008

Theres an advert on the telly just now for some whale blubber product (sorry Olay wrinkle banishing potion). The expert lady describes it as being for ‘people who AREN’T READY FOR SURGERY’. As if all women could be catagorised as being ‘ready for a facelift’, ‘not quite ready’, ‘had one’ and ‘under 18 so not allowed one yet??’. Plus the models in the ad look about 30!!

I am the girliest girly girl but they’re not getting me!! I will get old, wrinkled and possibly undignified and the world will have to accept me.

5 from Lisa

June 10, 2008

What were you doing five years ago?

Well, walking out of my job with Next (which I’ve never regretted), dating the Box Ticker (who would swan in and out of my life for the next four years leaving a trail of emotional havoc), living in Leicester in the Coronation Street, terraced house, spening all my time and money on clothes, cocktails and cabs.

Five snacks I enjoy

1. Onion bagels

2. Eat Natural bars

3. Green & Blacks

4. Olives

5. Cake

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire.

1. Pay off the mortgages of everyone in my family/close friends.

2. Raze the hotel next door. Its v ugly and concrete.

3. Buy Shep his own submarine. I think he’d like that.

4. Put some solar panels on our roof.

5. Is it wierd that I find it really difficult to think of things to do with money?

Five places I have lived

1. Leicester

2. Tuxedo, North Carolina

3. Manhatten

4. Plymouth

5. Penzance

FIve jobs I have had

1. Barmaid. In a trendy wine bar and then an old man’s pub. The latter was infnitely more fun.

2. Travel Rep.

3. Riding instructor.

4. Marketing Manager (yawn)

5. Playworker with primary school weenies. This is what I do now in the holidays.

Tales of The Unexpected

June 3, 2008

Firstly an update on the engagement ring debacle. Shep and I threw it around a bit April and the diamond came loose. Since we have a 10 year guarantee Fraser Hart reset it for me but it came back from the shop with the platinum in a state. The ring was no longer a perfect circel, the dimond was off centre and the whole thing looked like it had been clamped too tight and had bowed. I was very reluctant to let them have it back for a while though not wanting to be without it. Anyway I took it in yesterday and did some foot stamping. They fethced the manager and everything. They sat me down and he looked at my ring with his little magnifying thing and listened to me whinging and said ‘yes you’re right, it is isn’t it’. Then he fetched a new one out of the window and offered it to me. The price tag read £500 more than Shep paid for mine and me being too honest pointed this out incase they were giving me a better class of diamond or something accidentally. Mr Manager sayd ‘oh no its the same but the price of platinjum has increased alot in the last 5 months’. So I have on ring number 2!

Meanwhile I have to share this conversation last night with the long abscent Sailor (yes the ex)

Sailor: I know this is a bit out of the blue but I have 3 tickets for the Foo Fighters at Wembley on Saturday and I can’t go. I was wondering if you and your chap might like them?

Me: Well my chap is in Scotland right now but I have mate who might want them.

Sailor: Well i’m not looking to make a profit.

Me: Why not, why can’t you go?

Sailor: Well something has come up at the last minute.

Me: Have you been stood up *couldn’t help laughing*

Sailor: No I’ve been offered the change to enter a competition and I don’t want to miss it.

Me: In what?????

Sailor: Promise not to laugh.

Me: Yes yes

Sailor: Ballroom dancing.


Sailor: Oh its my new thing this year.