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5 from Lisa

June 10, 2008

What were you doing five years ago?

Well, walking out of my job with Next (which I’ve never regretted), dating the Box Ticker (who would swan in and out of my life for the next four years leaving a trail of emotional havoc), living in Leicester in the Coronation Street, terraced house, spening all my time and money on clothes, cocktails and cabs.

Five snacks I enjoy

1. Onion bagels

2. Eat Natural bars

3. Green & Blacks

4. Olives

5. Cake

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire.

1. Pay off the mortgages of everyone in my family/close friends.

2. Raze the hotel next door. Its v ugly and concrete.

3. Buy Shep his own submarine. I think he’d like that.

4. Put some solar panels on our roof.

5. Is it wierd that I find it really difficult to think of things to do with money?

Five places I have lived

1. Leicester

2. Tuxedo, North Carolina

3. Manhatten

4. Plymouth

5. Penzance

FIve jobs I have had

1. Barmaid. In a trendy wine bar and then an old man’s pub. The latter was infnitely more fun.

2. Travel Rep.

3. Riding instructor.

4. Marketing Manager (yawn)

5. Playworker with primary school weenies. This is what I do now in the holidays.