Theres an advert on the telly just now for some whale blubber product (sorry Olay wrinkle banishing potion). The expert lady describes it as being for ‘people who AREN’T READY FOR SURGERY’. As if all women could be catagorised as being ‘ready for a facelift’, ‘not quite ready’, ‘had one’ and ‘under 18 so not allowed one yet??’. Plus the models in the ad look about 30!!

I am the girliest girly girl but they’re not getting me!! I will get old, wrinkled and possibly undignified and the world will have to accept me.


17 Responses to “Right…….”

  1. Fabulous Says:

    yuck sound gross. I have heard about snail slime being good for faces too. It makes you more youthful but um no way.

  2. punctuation Says:

    At this point I perhaps ought not to mention that the latest product I am programming for is a cosmetic surgery program… 🙂 (no, really).

    Putting people in arbitrary boxes and pressurising them to confirm to some airbrushed ideal is cack.

  3. sungirltan Says:

    fabs – yeh that was on how to look good naked – didn’t score that well tho.

    ian – yup cack

  4. blue soup Says:

    I can’t imagine you EVER getting wrinkly!

  5. sungirltan Says:

    bs – i have lines around my eyes but i presume they are from smiling so i like them

  6. Dom Says:

    You mean you don’t want to end up looking like Cilla Black who was clearly ready for surgery and now parades around on TV selling life assurance to oldies while looking like a chipmonk? Why ever not? 😀

  7. sungirltan Says:

    i see myself more of a June Whitfield type Dom

  8. Perpetual Says:

    So kind of doddery and forgetful? 😀

  9. sungirltan Says:

    perps – yup

  10. Lisa Says:

    Smiley lines are good…

    This was good to read. It seems like everyone is considering some sort of procedure or another.

    *Once* (ages ago.. no pun intended) I spent $75 on face cream (Lancome) — this is considered really spendy in the US. It was good while it lasted, but I’m just not going to spend that much on face cream. Sorry.

  11. Bulldog Says:

    Two words: Joan Rivers

  12. sungirltan Says:

    lisa – you would LOVE the show How To Look Good Naked – they pitch loads of beauty products against eachother and the mega priced ones never ever score highest – there was this wrinkle cream for like £1.89 or something mad like that which won the anti ageing section – just goes to show what mugs we all are! I think $70 is really spendy too.

    bulldog – oooh i know – JR is a reason to never go near a surgeon – shes v honest and funny about it though

  13. punctuation Says:

    Two additional words: Michael Jackson (the black white guy who is not Billie Jean’s lover – not the uniformed “Sir Michael Jackson” who fights wars and described Donald Rumsfeld as “intellectually bankrupt”).

  14. Dave59r Says:

    May i now interupt…..

    I have seen Gen Sir Mike Jackson up close and personal and if ever there was a guy who could/should be used to advertise creams/sutures/surgery/steam rollers, its that man……

    Who would of thought 19 years ago when i joined then army that men like that would resort to having face lifts!!!……

    Now for something completely different….

    Im really kicking myself now for having not looked in on SGTs blog for the last week as:…..much to my shame i missed out on placing a comment about Fraser Harts shop manager looking at her ring in the shop…..

    We some times suffer after missed opportunities 😦

  15. sungirltan Says:

    ian – what?
    shep – if you can’t keep up……..

  16. Fabulous Says:

    It did score well but that still wouldnt get me putting snails slime on my face even if the chinese God Gok says so. I am still hunting for some shoes on his website. They were lovely.

  17. sungirltan Says:

    fabs – i wanted the ones with bows on the back but they weren’t there. boo

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