We’re sick of being jerked around – Wear that on your sleeve.

Excuse me while I just rant.

(Bit of background before I start spewing……..I moved in with Shep in March. Before that I lived in a rented flat by myself close to the campus. I had a standard september to july contract which could only release me if I found a replacement tennant. Well I did just that and she moved in March 21st, signed a tennancy agreement which ran from that date until July and paid a deposit (which was £100 more than mine!!). The replacement tennant is a realy good friend of mine who had recently split from a co habiting relationship and needed to move quickly. But thats beside the point.)

I am a bit absent minded and have been meaning to rinng up about this for a while. I submitted my repayment claim with the Deposit Protection Service a few weeks ago but nothing happened. So I phoned up my old landlord.

Me: Hello, I was living in flat *** but I moved out on March 21st. I’ve registered with DPS. Can you release my deposit please or have I done it wrong or something?

Towers Lettings: Well we don’t release the deposit until the tennancy ends in July.

Me: Erm…I’ve foreited my contract and you’ve let the flat to someone else.

TL: Oh yes.

Me: So since you’ve taken a deposit from a new tennant can you release mine please unless you plan to make deductions which I’m happy to discuss.

TL: Well I suppose we’ll make an exception and I can put it through for you next week.

Me: Right good.

TL: She’s an interesting character isn’t she (new tennant)

Me: Oh yes (they have no idea whether i either know her from Adam or whether she is my sister – i never told them or deemed it necessary)

TL: Well we never see her. I mean well I think she works quite alot. (You never saw me unless I went in the office to moan about something which was only occasionally so what’s your point!?)

Me: So anyway did you do an inspection, do I lose any deposit for damage or anything?

TL: Well we haven’t inspected the flat. However the university inspector came a while back and she let them in to her flat. They had a few choice words to say.

Me: (Can’t think of anything to distract her)

TL: Yes well they said it was very messy and like something from Crimewatch. (Well firstly thats extrmemely rude, since she was doing the company a favour by letting the Accomodation use her flat to grade that building. Secondly whats that got to do with me??

TL: And…….She gets her rent paid by the council and sometimes they are really slow. I’ll have to get a deposit from them. (Why don’t you just give me her DOB and mother’s maiden name soi can clean out her bank account!!)

I’ve since checked with replacement tennant – who paid her deposit in cash and has a receipt and contract so the last random jibe was an outrageous lie!

So that was fun. If I don’t get my money back next week as promised I’ll be on to the CAB since helpful Ian sent me the legislation stating my deposit has to be returned in 7 working days. And as for the grossly unprofessional bitching about the current tennant – whether this is breaching DPA I’m not sure but I’m thinking if I write any letters I’m CCing them to the Accomodation Office at the uni.

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7 Responses to “We’re sick of being jerked around – Wear that on your sleeve.”

  1. Fabulous Says:

    oh i hate dealing with letting agencys. Ours said that we needed to get rid of a sofa before we could get our money back. I was giving to them for free but no we had to come all the way back to get it.
    Not only that but i needed that money for our honeymoon the next week.
    Finally got it.
    I was pleased to see the flat empty for the next year and a bit. hahaha.

  2. sungirltan Says:

    twunts @ fab + he he it stayed empty!!

  3. Perpetual Says:

    I’m feeling litigious today, sue them! 😀

  4. amillionpieces Says:

    RAA! What a lying old bint.

  5. sungirltan Says:

    perps – i well may.

    pete – i know!!!

  6. punctuation Says:

    First off – MASSIVE breach of DPA revealing ANY details at all to you about the tenant. Lots and lots of privacy laws regarding her details – even if you did find her for them.

    Secondly – proving it and suing them is a) not anything you can do (it’s her rights not yours that have been breached) and b) you will almost certainly not be able to prove a thing enough to win. DPA are fairly useless in my experience. [caveat: I was one of the original members of the consultation group when the DPA came out in the 1980s in its original form – I was the IT Manager for a very large blue chip company – the Data Protection Registrar – as he was then, he’s a commissioner now in Blair’s Britain – has bought me dinner and wine in return for my “input” on the whole process and for putting up with his hordes from seeing how we managed data requests and so on, how cool is that!]

    However, I digress; the letting agents are more stuffed than ten stuffed things when it comes to your deposit. Is it held in an insurance-based scheme? If not, they owe you the money plus interest at the statutory rate, hah! They can’t, of course, deduct a single penny now because they have to notify you “in a reasonable time” of any deductions and give you the opportunity to challenge them and/or rectify them at your cost which of course is no longer possible because the property is now tenanted. University schemes are slightly different but in this case they have clearly dropped the ball and you’ve done all the right things.

    Letting agents always suck big ones. Luckily my landlord is naive (two weeks deposit, idiot) and lovely – plus I fix his laptop for free when it screws up. I don’t expect any problems when the day comes for me to move to America. Er, I mean, to move out of this flat into a new home. 😉

  7. sungirltan Says:

    thanks ian. well the bird said next week so i will wait exactly one week. the only reason i’m even doing that is incase they can only request deposit releases once a week or something cock like that.
    anyway if they give me any shit i’m putting everything in writing and copying it to the uni and whereever Tower’s head office is since they seem to be huge.
    i almosgt want them to fuck up now!

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