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Now watch me rise up and leave all the ashes you made out of me

July 22, 2008

If you look at my entry Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (i cant figure out how to put links in) you can see i had a bit of a drama about my practice portfolio this year and a meeting with all my tutors which made me break down in a big way. I got my results yesterday and not only did i pass it but the feedback from my tutor states that it was excellent and that id really turned it around from the interim point.

In yer face.

Dear advice dispensing public….

July 22, 2008

I have a friend with a relationship dilemma. It goes like this:

My friend, Quirky, has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Drummer for 18 months. They lived together for the first year and all was mostly good. I should add that he is 17 years older than she. After a year together he went out one night and kissed a girl who he plays in a band with. After 5 days he told Quirky and they split up. She moved out of the flat and got a place on her own, dusted herself down and got on with things. Drummer was heartbroken and embarked on a campaign to get her back. It took about 2 months i think but she stayed in her flat and he in his. Quirky is still v raw about the kiss, especially as Drummer confessed that he found Band Girl attractive because she is v thin and Quirky is more rubenesque. I would like to add her that during the break Quirky was romanced by a series of men including a big strapping marine but rejected them all wanting to be alone. Quirky still gets upset about the kiss now they are back together though and it ocmes up now and then. Drummer is being increasing nasty and always retorts with ‘well its your fault it happened because you are fat’.

Obviously I think Drummer’s behaviour is outrageous but he is also a friend so i try to be a bit open minded but what galls me the most is that Drummer is by no means what you’d call a catch. He is 37 years old, manages to both be skinny and maintain a beer gut, has three children by two mothers (i like children but they are a drain on time and pennies if you are weighing up such things) he has a degree but chooses to work as a carer for not much money and has no house/mortgage etc. Oh wait he has a car. Anyway wouldn’t judge someone on all of these things but he is judging Quirky i that way so i/we feel justified.

What do you think??

Meercat Manor

July 21, 2008

…is a tellybox show I loved until it got too sad for me when Flower died after squaring up to the snake.

However… mother tricked me into bimbling up the line to vist her yesterday with a promise of baby meercats on display at Shaldon Wildlife Trust. I have been there before and it is a tiny little zoo in the cliffside which only has small mammals. It is very special and never too busy (bad for them i suppose but i am so intolerant of other people). There are Ocelots which are small, big cats and the slinkiest slinky things. They come in leopard print but have much flatter, shinier coats and huge round eyes. There were having none of the paparazzi though. There is also a pair of Capuchin monkeys. Mrs Capuchin was sitting directly opposite the viewing place inspecting the visitors. A little sign said ‘please be quiet, Mrs Monkey had her first baby on the 3rd of July’. Could we see the baby?? Eventually I notcied Mrs C had an extra little hand…..and an extra little tail….the little mite was asleep clinging on to her tummy and so still we didn’t notice him. After alot of patient waiting he opened his eyes and did a little monkey yawn and hid himself again. I could have taken a million pics of this but somehow it seemed rude!

There were three different kind of lemurs but I could write a novel on how much I like them, the ring tailed ones especially but i will limit it to saying that the word lemur means ‘ghost’.

Anyway getting to the point…..i have a video of the baby meercats but its a quicktime file and wont load on here – if anymone can give instructions I will follow them….meanwhile here are the babies…I hope you have all had a good monday….

(send me a caption and i will post it!!)


July 17, 2008

I am a bit all over the place at the moment so here is a collection of mini posts about random things.

  1. I have been working at the playscheme this week. Mr 6.5 and I had an interesting conversation about feathers in which he stated ‘its ok i have a white feather, you must only pick up white feathers and not black ones because if its a black feather it has been wee’d on!’
  2. Apperently Plymouth is a ‘live site’ this means we have now a giant flatscreen telly in the city centre to watch the olympics on but also to create a ‘cultural focal point’. Really. If they start showing Jeremy Kyle in the mornings i will die laughing.
  3. Shep and the MYFs and I have been loving the old ABC cinema in Plymouth lately. Its right by my house, has original art deco features and is so civilised and lovely. Its now closing in October but we are getting ANOTHER multiplex as part of the Royal William Yard development. RWY is also v close to my house but they can feck off. I’m not going back to spending £20 on a night at the movies for two.
  4. I have finished Wonderful Today, Pattie Boyd’s biography. I had no idea Eric Clapton was such a junkie/alcoholic/disaster! Also conceiving two illegitamate children during their marriage is unforgiveable.
  5. I am off to the north next week to fetch the boy and play on hadrians wall. Now the boy has realised its referrenced in Gladiator he is sold sold sold!
  6. I get my uni results next week and instructions on how to complete my two missing modules. I am feeling v anxious about this and trying to get my head around 1. That I CAN do this but that 2. If not then I can go back to work and that will be ok too.


Reasons to be cheerful part……oh who knows?

July 10, 2008

1. This is a birthday present from my friend. He is a Mood Beam.If you hit him on the head he lights up all different colours and flashes along to the music. This one is called Chipper apparently.

2. This is Mr Flappy, who got trapped on our back balcony. I called the RSPCA to come and rescue him. It was quite the drama.

3. I bought that £1.89 face cream from Aldi as seen on How to Look Good Naked. Its really very good!! I also bought ready made chocolate crispies from there which are well almost better than…….

4. I am all about the 3 for 2 offers in all the book shops just now. Here is what I bought. Yes I know there are only 5 (the other one is a gift for somebody)

Never win first place, i don’t support the team….

July 8, 2008

I would like to share this with you because frankly i nearly wee’d myself laughing.

I had this msn conversation with one of the MYF’s earlier today.

MYF: allo dave!!

Me: ‘lo. hows you?

MYF: Mmm yeh ok.

Me: Whats up?

MYF: Oh nothing much but boyfriend and I had an argument again last night. Same old same old.

Me: Which one?

MYF: Football shirts.

Me: What about them?

MYF: That he wants me to wear one…………I MEAN, LIKE, ON MY BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MYF: *if this was a spoken conversation she is at a pitch only audiable to dogs* AND IN PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!


MYF: He thinks I should support our local team. You know, Plymouth Argyle, of which no members are in fact janners.

Me: Plus you arn’t from Plymouth either.

MYF: Well exactly.

In the house made of wood.

July 7, 2008

It has been raining in the south west for days now. Not just manageable rain but bloody great down pours accompanied by gale force winds. I have been quite frightened lately that either the patio set is about to come crashing through the living room windows OR that the glass panels at either end of the big balcony which have been flapping scarily are about to smash to smithereens on to the decking.

Often in the mornings the sun comes out for a customary five minutes and dries up the world. This means all the wood panelling contracts again. It sounds like this…..CRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKK. Yes really. Sometimes it sounds like this SNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP. I’m a bit worried as to what is snapping although I can’t see anything.

The storm has also ripped all the flowers off my geraniums outside. They look like i’ve been at them with a blunt chainsaw.


What SGT did Next

July 4, 2008

One of my aunties has taken to sending me vouchers for christmas and birthdays for the shop which will not be named. I worked for them for far too long back in the day and well…less said about that the better.

At christmas I was rather pleased as the shop was selling those nice patent flats that look like doll shoes. I also like their home wares (that may be why she keeps sending them) but Shep and I have more than enough of everything just now.

I must have done about 5 circuits of the Drake Circus flagship store. Its no good. Firstly I am a size 6 in that shop which limits everything. I can’t quite understand their logic since I am a 10 in Topshop and H&M and an 8 in Miss Selfridge but their clothes are HUGE!

Secondly their version of fashion is this horrible diluted, mumsy, middle of the road, no too low necklines, no too short skirts, its the politically correct of apparel. Gah. Even Marks and Spencer make sexier gear.

So I am still trundling around, rejecting everything. I start thinking….’hmm it’s v hot in the flat, maybe i’ll get some linen trousers to wear around the house’. I select a v wide leg, dove grey pair. They look ok on the hanger. I tried them on, ripped them off imediately and sprinted out of the fitting room! I would say I looked like my mother, but actually she likes tailoring too much and wouldn’t give the offending item wardrobe space. And she’d complain she’d have to shear off at least a foot off the hem. We are very dinky in our family.

I can’t do it. I’m just not ready for middle of the road, mediocre.

I spent my voucher on a pair of this season aviators instead. Another pair of sunglasses which I abosolutely do not need. But I left the store with my soul intact. These are they…

In which SGT and Sgt Shep climbed the mountain…

July 2, 2008

Here is a photo story about the day of Ben Nevis….

1. The his and her’s boots. These are what I made such a fuss about. However, nice lady in Blacks is an EXPERT! I took them off at the end without a single blister,scratch or sore place and I’d never worn them before.

2. Start time: 12pm.

3.  Hill Walking Barbie and Moutaineering Action Man.

4. The pretty view. Before it started raining.

5. Action Shep in the snow.

6. Snow Barbie.

7. Really pretty view on the way down (no visibility at the top :-().

8. This is all the trash Shep dutifully picked off the mountain.

9. The end, 7pm.

Apparently I did very well climbing up the mountain. I got a bit crabby on the way up because my toes hurt so much. I think its something to do with my feet freezing in winter when i’m riding. Even that went away after a while and I went quite fast I think. The summit was a bit underwhelming though – theres nothing there!

Leggies v sore on Monday. Watching me struggling about with my trolley case up and down platform steps would have been highly amusing if you were there to see it!