I am a bit all over the place at the moment so here is a collection of mini posts about random things.

  1. I have been working at the playscheme this week. Mr 6.5 and I had an interesting conversation about feathers in which he stated ‘its ok i have a white feather, you must only pick up white feathers and not black ones because if its a black feather it has been wee’d on!’
  2. Apperently Plymouth is a ‘live site’ this means we have now a giant flatscreen telly in the city centre to watch the olympics on but also to create a ‘cultural focal point’. Really. If they start showing Jeremy Kyle in the mornings i will die laughing.
  3. Shep and the MYFs and I have been loving the old ABC cinema in Plymouth lately. Its right by my house, has original art deco features and is so civilised and lovely. Its now closing in October but we are getting ANOTHER multiplex as part of the Royal William Yard development. RWY is also v close to my house but they can feck off. I’m not going back to spending £20 on a night at the movies for two.
  4. I have finished Wonderful Today, Pattie Boyd’s biography. I had no idea Eric Clapton was such a junkie/alcoholic/disaster! Also conceiving two illegitamate children during their marriage is unforgiveable.
  5. I am off to the north next week to fetch the boy and play on hadrians wall. Now the boy has realised its referrenced in Gladiator he is sold sold sold!
  6. I get my uni results next week and instructions on how to complete my two missing modules. I am feeling v anxious about this and trying to get my head around 1. That I CAN do this but that 2. If not then I can go back to work and that will be ok too.



6 Responses to “Meanwhile…”

  1. gemmak Says:

    You can do that! Positive thinking girl!….and good luck ;o)

  2. sungirltan Says:

    thanx g

  3. Fabulous Says:

    oooh its looking all different around here. I like.
    Regarding number 6. Dont worry hun. Dont feel anxious. I am sure that whatever decision you make it will be the right one for you and the future. Just dont beat yourself up about it.
    I always find that a pro and con list helps. x

  4. Dave59r Says:

    By coincidence:

    News night tonight featured the exhibition the British museum is doing on Hadrian!!


  5. sungirltan Says:

    aww look how happy he is – like a small child unexpectedly presented with a lolly

  6. anotherblogger Says:

    Shame about the cinema closing down. We’ve got a lovely one here that nearly did. Fortunately, Brighton has more than its fair sahre of rich and/or famous people who would like to have their name in the Picture House movie listings booklet, so they managed to get enough money together to fix the roof and the cinema was saved (phew – I donated a quid, though but then I’m not rich, not famous and don’t mind not being in the cinema listings booklet).

    I hate multiplexes, but (confess) we do occasionally go to the Odious in town.

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