This is me tring to pull myself together sincei  still have mental health to revise.

To be gained from passing law…

  1. Well i get to go back to school in 3 weeks.
  2. I can buy a shiny new laptop with my disabled students allowance (im dyslexic and add don’t you know) I want this one…..

  1. I can get a new tattoo which i think might cheer me up. I think I might like a bee for many reasons. I like this one quite alot…
  2. I’d be super busy again and not have time to be so depressed.
  3. I get to go and work at the refugee place which i keep forgetting to be excited about since i demmanded it!!
  4. And, well i’d be a bit closer to being a social worker…


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11 Responses to “So….”

  1. punctuation Says:

    Cool tattoo – isn’t a wasp though? I mean, pointy end? I’d hate you to try and get a bee because “bee” means something to you and then find out later it’s a wasp. 🙂

    Secondly: Dell Inspirion – very nice laptop – I have one myself (although I have to give it back on Friday when I leave my old job; good news is I get a new machine the following Monday at the new job – w00t!)

  2. sungirltan Says:

    yeh maybe – i will be getting my tattooist to draw me a bee in the style of the other ink i have – this was just one that took my fancy but yeh you might be right about it being a wasp. i like how its segmented though its cool hey?

  3. pinkjellybaby Says:

    Nice laptop! We tried to order on of those when we got ours but Dell were so horribly crap that after 2 months of waiting we gave up! Our Sony VIAO is really nice though!

    I was going to get a Bee on my bum….a cute one with little heart shaped wings! 🙂 Agree with P that it’s a wasp though….where are you going to get it? xx

  4. Dave59r Says:

    Yes….wasp because:

    1. Colouration on abdomon
    2. Small torso…
    3. Visible ‘stinger’ (SGT says ‘pointy bum’)

    Think we should use this to talk about the serious nature of Colony Collapse Syndrome……..any thoughts for the survival of the human race now????? 😦

    P.S. Nice purple puter!! 🙂

  5. gemmak Says:

    You know…I’m really impressed, I honestly never guessed you were dyslexic and to cope with it and to do all the stuff you are doing is even more impressive. Go you! :o)

    and..yes, I agree, that’s a pointy bum wasp!

  6. Bulldog Says:

    Photo of a Great Black Wasp:

  7. punctuation Says:

    That’s a confusing name for a wasp – in my experience wasps are never “great” – crappy, scary, painful, irritating…but great…noooooo!

  8. sungirltan Says:

    ian – shep is sulking becasue no one will discuss colony collapse with him

  9. onestepbeyond Says:

    Shep, colony collapse is the same everywhere though – workers leave home to find work because eastern european bees are nicking their plants and stopping them working, workforce ends up being made up of cheap, young eastern european bees who will work for a sniff of the queen’s tail (or passport) and it ends with the colony not eating the provided feed because of the credit crunch.

    It’s a bitter circle.

    Tan – how the f*** do I even know what colony collapse syndrome is? I’ve been watching far too much Sky News.

  10. sungirltan Says:

    or…….the chav bees are insisting on beating up the goth bees because they draw attention to the colony and make then vulnerable – if you look at it in evolutionary terms that is.

  11. Dave59r Says:

    You will rue the day you jabbed fun at this serious subject!!!!

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