Begin the Begin

This is a yet another summary post. After next week I will have some kind of life structure to diarise but until then….

Since my last entry I have:

  • Finished with the weenies for another summer. How i love them and miss them when they leave. The highlight of this year was the brio megatrack spanning rhe playground. I have a pic but i’d probably get sued so i cant show you.
  • With a bit of help from Shep the property baron, ket my flat in Torquay finally to a little plasterer chap from Liverpool who offered me 2 months rent plus deposit in cash upfront which is alot of money!!
  • Made up with my friend after 6 months of squabbling. There were no answers in the end. Sometimes you have to give in and waggle the olive branch.
  • Which means i’ve had the nipper up here in the flat finally. She thinks the combination of my gym ball and Sheps posh suadette beanbags might just be the most fun that can be had by a 7 year old.
  • And that also I have seen my little God Daughter lately who talks and everything now. Some whole words but very seriously nattering and pointing most of the time.
  • Finally rented out Season 3 of Prison Break. Not got to the end yet however. Love it!!
  • Been to that London to visit Sal and go and see REM at Twickenham which was AMAZING and made me all riled up about politics for the first time in ages. Also it was just very special.
  • Started thinking much more postively about the possible enforced year out on the horizon. More on that soon.

So what have you been doing???

7 Responses to “Begin the Begin”

  1. nikki Says:

    i am home from camp. i miss you very muchas. i love you and am proud of you and what you’re doing. xoxox

  2. Matt Says:

    something to read 🙂

  3. Jamie Says:

    I have preparing for marriage and so far have only had one small freakout. Work is losing its taste but I’m sure thats down to the the wedding and honeymoon being days away now.

  4. Fabulous Says:

    wow you have been a busy little bunny.
    Um me.. well knitting, playing with the girl and knitting. Thats about it.
    Oh and being a poorly bum.

  5. sungirltan Says:

    nikki – loves you too
    matt – aye
    jamie – aww you will be fine – not much different to life before anyway since you live together and been an item for aaaaaaaages!! all the best tho eh xx
    fabs – sounds good to me except the lurgy – get well soon xx

  6. onestepbeyond Says:

    REM was just a little fantastic, wasn’t it?!
    Bek and I are going to see them in Madrid in three weeks. We’re just a little bit excited!

    Oh, and re politics, as Stipe said, I just hope America gets “this administration the f*** out of office”.

    Love you. x

  7. Midnight Says:

    Very jealous regarding REM! Would love to see them! You know what I’ve been doing! Not a lot other than being loved up!

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