I may be old but i’m someone new, she said.


If i’m granted the self imposed (depending how you look at it), year off then the plan goes something like this….

  1. Support self by temping in the city. This is the easy part.
  2. Use the next 12 months to regain enough of my former self to be resiliant enough to complete my degree and complete it really well. (this is the part which is much more appealing than actually going back to school)
  3. Pay off my visa bill. It stands at Ā£2,800 just now. I’ll make one of those totaliser things for it I think.

Without too much angsting I do feel as though I have lost alot of depth since I moved down here. Back when i was interesting i read the guradian and the observer every weekend, watched the films they recommended and had lengthy discussions about them. I took courses on directors/auteurs and genres. I’ve seen one alternative film at the cinema in the past 2 years. It was The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. I read masses and knew who’d won the Booker Prize. I went to art exhibitions both locally and in London and even all the way to Milton Keynes once just to see some Gilbert and George. I saw alot more bands than I have lately and went to the theatre quite often too.

I have let all of these things slide away into a cultural void. no wonder i get so bored/stressed.

Meanwhile my city college is offering a course called Write a Novel in a Year, every saturday from October to May (i think). If I can decide what i’d like to write a novel about i might sign up.

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    13 Responses to “I may be old but i’m someone new, she said.”

    1. grunt121 Says:

      Do they do that course via distance learning? So far Geek: The Novel just has that title every idea I come up with has already been done or is a rehash of what someone else has written

    2. sungirltan Says:

      aww i dount it mate. but google adult learning in your area and you should find some writing courses if you have time for that kind of thing.

    3. Matt Says:

      My local shop doesn’t even have the guardian or observer on a Sunday! (or by the time I got there) I was stuck with the Mirror instead which took all of 5min to read. Next time I’m walking a little further for the Sunday paper.

      Not good being bored/stressed

    4. Sal Says:

      Write a novel about you. You have some interesting topic material to cover, most of which hasn’t been touched by this blog.


    5. Fabulous Says:

      oh the novel thing sounds great. Might take away that stress.
      Hmmm what to write it on though. Maybe just your life story, thoughts and stuff. Your blog is always interesting.

    6. sungirltan Says:

      sal – yes but if i got published i might be displayed in the now labelled ‘painful lives’ section of waterstones and i don’t fancy that

      matt – good for you! the weenies spar shop by us containing a now defunct post office has that fault also. im considering getting papers delivered soon.

      fabs – yes i hope so and thank you

    7. Fabulous Says:

      You just need to do a little note taking i guess and put some ideas down. I am sure once you start it will flow.

    8. punctuation Says:

      Aren’t you still the same person – just not as currently informed on The Booker Prize via the (slightly questionable IMHO) auspices of the Guardian et al?

      I’m not so sure moving has actually made you (as you put it) lose depth so much as occupy your time in different ways that have distracted you. could you not start getting the Guardian again? Could you not go to galleries and so on again (Saatchi is in the new building, definitely worth a look)?

      You did miss out on some marvellous poetry in Milton Keynes recently šŸ˜‰ but there will be other things to go to.

      p.s. I do realise that given my most recent blog post my comments here are a little bit hypocritical but, well, meh, don’t do as I do, do as I say šŸ™‚

    9. floatykatja Says:

      Punctuation speaks wisely, as always. Damn him. šŸ˜‰

      Although the writing course will keep you occupied, I’m not sure it’s the most useful course you could do. Writing a novel in a year is not exactly rocket science – you have a good idea, you knuckle down and write about it. Now if you were to do a course about how to actually turn your ideas from mere ideas into actual cohesive writing, I think that would be (a) far more interesting for you and (b) more useful.

      Here’s to getting out and doing interesting stuff. xx

    10. sungirltan Says:

      kat –
      the writing course was the only interesting learning opportunity availiable. i live in plymouth. not london.

    11. Lisa Says:

      You’re looking on the bright side. It sounds like there is a lot you’re interested in and wanting to get involved in again. Everyone does this… doesn’t matter if you’re going to uni or raising kids or very involved in your career. Things slip by the wayside at times.

      It’s important when something happens in our life to remind us of what we’re missing out on. šŸ™‚ “Something” isn’t always fun or exciting, or something we would want to happen, but it happens.

      I think the novel writing idea is a good one, if you can fit it in. šŸ™‚ xx

    12. punctuation Says:

      Katya, I have mentioned that my religion (of which I am chief guru) believes that true enlightenment is only achieved through the giving of money (to the guru of course). The more you give the better the chance of reaching the heights of aesthetic ecstasy, and, let’s face it, that can only be a a good thing.


    13. wakeupscared Says:

      Not much I can add really (although “she will have her way” is one of my favorite songs šŸ™‚ ); just good luck with everything. There is nothing you cannot achieve if you put your mind to it.

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