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SGT’s scary dream

September 22, 2008

I have not had an update on whats going on at uni yet. I am so sick of waiting. In the mean time I shall tell you about my nightmare.

I wake up on an overland train somewhere in south london. I am wearing my velour tracksuit (which is for indoor wear only) and have my pink backpack with me. I do not know what I am doing there, where I am travelling from or what I have been doing in London. I look in the bag and there are normal things like phone and makeup and wallet but no bus ticket back to Plymouth. I start panicking but try and reassure myself that i at least know there is a bus back to Plymouth at 4pm and that i have enough money to buy a ticket.

I am frightened and try to phone people I know in London. Sal is away. I phone Special Opps and ask him if he is in London but he is very evasive and won’t help me. I am trying to tell him I don’t know where I am or how i got there and am very scared.

Special Ops tells me to get off the trian and he will fetch me. I get off but its just a station next to a park and theres just a shelter. I just wait and wait….