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September 25, 2008
  1. I have started watching The Family. I could rant at length about it but i’ll limit it to – if you pamper your child and let them live at home for free until they are 19 when they arn’t in education etc then you are creating a monster!
  2. This 4ondemmand thingy i’ve downloaded is amazing! I found a documentary about a lady with 83 cats last night.
  3. I am also loving these buy and sell shops cropping up. Ours is called Entertainment Exchange. Like ebay but with no postage and waiting. Brill!
  4. You may remember that Shep and I have a slight duck obsession. Here is my god daughter demonstrating how cool the ducks are. I’d like to say this was staged but she goes straight for them on arrival at our house! (she was 1 on tuesday)

5. Shep has gone to Norway for a bit with work. I have been promised a troll. If anyone knows what other novelties are available in Norway please advise me so I can demmand them!

6. I bought Sex and The City, the movie for £8 in Tesco (even though i have ethical issues with that store) don’t waste pennies elsewhere.