I used to be interesting but…

I am at present letting the flu get the better of me. Routine seems to consist of: wake up at 5am, remedicate, sleep until about 9, move into lounge. At about 2pm I can manage getting washed and dressed. And so on.

Anyway thats all very fascinating I’m sure. In the meantime I had a v nice weekend. It was the 1st aniversary of George’s death on sunday so I went home for some Mummy time. We pottered around Totnes on saturday, which if you are a tree hugging hippy like me is a shopping paradise. You can even sign up to be buried in a eco coffin down there. I bought these v posh herb planters for my plant friends. I have 6 herb plants now!

On sunday we had a pub lunch at Liverton (bit chavvy actually) and went to Endsleigh for more garden things. I bought the olive tree finally which I have been coveting. They can live for 2000 years apparently!  I am hoping it will like it in the big window in the kitchen. I will be very smug when I get to eat olives off my own tree one day.

Meanwhile I have been back to uni to start lectures. It was ok. Bit same old, same old really but I have yet another new work group which does not contain anyone I don’t get on with unlike previous years. I feel a bit detached from it really.

Shep is away diving. Return date unknown. Boo


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28 Responses to “I used to be interesting but…”

  1. Perpetual Says:

    Flu sucks, I find lemsip and sudafed work their magic in about two days though.

    Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  2. Matt Says:

    Freshers flu! You might not be a fresher but probably stood to close to one at some point. Medicate & vit C to the max!

  3. sungirltan Says:

    perp – i’ve been on the sudafed a week now.
    matt – yes probably. i hate students.

  4. punctuation Says:

    I have been SOOO ill for ages now. I think I actually got a cold whilst I was recovering from my man-flu (I steer well clear of freshers and, after the restraining order and the unfortunate incident with the aubergine now steer clear of students too).

    I like Olive trees. They can live for three years with virtually no water at all and then die – I learnt this in Tunisia where it had not rained in the region I was staying for the previous three years and they were expecting the imminent demise of the huge olive groves. Very sad really.

  5. sungirltan Says:

    ian – ok ok -i’ve not been ill for a month yet but i’m still fed up.
    i have been feeding and talking to the olive tree.

    shep now alleges he will return on tuesday with presents but leave again on the 20th for the north sea. meh

  6. wakeupscared Says:

    🙂 your olive tree looks a lot better than mine; I picked up a couple from Woolworths when they had a clear-out of all their gardening stuff (along with a couple of other bushes) – the packs say “it grows or your money back” – currently, they all look a lot like sticks in pots; we’ll see what happens after winter passes…

    …smiling at your plant friends – they look good in their little pots

    get well soon

  7. sungirltan Says:

    wakeup – they should – the pots were very spensive from posh tree hugging shop!
    olive tree was also bought from fag end sale at garden centre. looks alot better then when i got it home though!

  8. amillionpieces Says:

    That olive tree looks pretty darn cool. It’s amazing to think it could live for that long, when it’s grown you should carve a message for time immemorial on it’s bark. Or just your URL so in 2137 someone will be like “look at this tree, lets go read her blog”

  9. gemmak Says:

    Lovely pants…sorry, plants ;o)

  10. gemmak Says:

    Oh….and I hope your freshers flu improves soon :o)

  11. sungirltan Says:

    i have got new pant too. but i’m not showing you those!! well not attached to my body anyway!

  12. Suburban Mum Says:

    Wow, love the planters. Are those herbs outside or in? I can never get herbs to live more than about 4 days 😦

    I hope you don’t have to wait 2000 years for the olives to grow!

  13. sungirltan Says:

    pete – its only little!

  14. pinkjellybaby Says:

    I know you were looking forward to your break and being in classes with people you knew next year. I know you don’t have to now, but could you not have a year off anyway?

  15. sungirltan Says:

    pinky – yeh but i’d have to work full time so it wouldn’t be much of a break!

  16. Suburban Mum Says:

    I left you a comment but the de-spammifier eated it 😦

  17. sungirltan Says:

    poo. i look at the spam muncher!

  18. sungirltan Says:

    sub mum – recovered the comment.
    the herbs are outside for now – they were in the kitchen but our place is all glass its too hot and they shrivel up. i am better with some herbs than other since i am a bit heavy handed and flood them! also i think the ones you can get from supermarkets are a bit odd – bit like the goldfish you get from funfairs. the herbs i have since bought from garden centres seems to fare alot better.

  19. punctuation Says:

    Talking to trees: I approve. There are photos (and online anecdotes) of me hugging at least one tree. To be fair I was actually stroking it and telling the slightly worried people around me how cool it was but you get the general idea. Trees are amazing things for a multitude of reasons; don’t get me started on this subject…honestly. 🙂

  20. sungirltan Says:

    ian – i am a veteran tree hugger. i went to the hippy school didn’t i. however shep went as far as phoning from norway and requesting to talk to the fish. he was talking to it in fish talk and everything.

    i have also been talking to the azalea tree outside which was a gift from sheps nan. it has responded by bursting into bud. i am v excited as i dont know what the flowers look like.

    next year i am planning lots of sunflowers since mrs downstairs has some so i know they can hack all the sea water and wind. i am v excited.

  21. Bulldog Says:

    *hunting up US to Brit dictionary*
    *can’t find it*
    Google . . .
    “Fresher’s Flue” ->Enter

    Translation: “New students’ crud, usually a cold, but often called the flu”

    This is mostly a British term, and is rarely heard outside the UK

    Me, not ill, and worrying about the bus I ride with 35 or so other unknown humans (mostly) every day.

  22. sungirltan Says:

    don’t you have ‘frshmen flu’ instead bulldog?

  23. Midnight Says:

    I find a day at a health spa works well for all strains of flu, even man flu surprisingly enough!

    Loving the olive tree, that is very cool!

  24. Bulldog Says:


    I’ts been so long since I was a freshman, I have no idea. Back then, I think it was the plague.

    (heh . . . normally when I use that title, it means Sargeant)

  25. sungirltan Says:

    bulldog – he he. yes i know it means sargeant. shep took a while getting his head around that one too!

  26. nikki Says:

    i love you and miss you.

  27. dave59r Says:


    Punctuation: I had an incident with students and aubergines once…..never found the body so little happened in the end…..also……was Swampy in the tree next to at the time of this tree hugging??????

  28. dave59r Says:

    Does everybody like my havatar that SGT found for me????

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