Grumpy Bear

Now I am back in the real world (well university) I am annoyed alot of the time. Excuse me while I vent a bit.

  1. I’m not explaining to any more other students/lecturers why i’m not starting my placement until january (because of this resit thing see earlier posts). For future social workers a few of them need to learn about tact and appropriate times to ask personal questions! Hint – in the middle of a seminar in front of lots of people isn’t it.
  2. I am getting too intolerant for group work (or learning sets as they are called at school). I know its all about the forming, storming, norming and performing bollocks but I JUST WANT TO GET ON WITH IT!!
  3. In said learning set on monday we had a ‘lets all introduce ourselves and tell the group intersting stuff’ session (acutally i love stuff like that normally). So I said ‘my name is *** and i live in and i’m from and blah blah and on saturday shep and i watched the trident submarine come into plymouth from our house and now shep is working alongside it so we have been having lots of debates lately’. Then it gets around to the turn of boy i haven’t met before who says ‘well i’m *** and i’m an ex naval submariner’ (plus VERY pointed look at SGT). Like it was a personal attack on him. (just some background on this Devonport has just been awarded the refit contract for trident which is going to cost us £270 million. I’m sure most people might have an opinion about that one way or the other).  How I will end up getting on with this person remains to be seen.
  4. I am making myself unpopular with this group already. We have service users and carers assigned to these learning sets. One of them is brand new to working with students and quite overwhelemd I think. To this end I have been tactfully pulling people up on their use of jargon and also ploughing through the discussion at break neck speed. I’m not having it. Statements like ‘well everybody knows what a standard confidentiality statement should look like’ (only if you are a social work/health and social care student from stage 2 or above!!) are just plain rude.
  5. I have also hit a tolerance barrier with other peoples IT attitudes. In the first year statements like ‘well i’m not very good with/i’m scared of computers’ invoked alot of sympathy from me because although i am quite proficient with IT, as a fellow mature students i had plenty of hang ups about other things at uni. Hearing these disclaimers in year 3 is pushing me a bit. Every year during induction the uni provides several sessions of small group tutions on all the ECDL stuff but also online reserach methods (journal papers etc) and other useful software skills and stuff about recent technology which might be useful. I went to all the sessions last year, learned quite alot, played around with it all and practiced using different things. If you didn’t bother to attend its NOT MY PROBLEM!!  And more to the point HOW DO YOU THINK I LEARNED ALL THIS STUFF?? SPELL CASTING?Also we are 12 months away from employment now and its not like you could sit there in an office and say ‘no actually i can’t update all these case records on to CareFirst or the disabilty register because i don’t really like using computers’.

Meanwhile Shep and I had a nice weekend with a picnic and sunny walks and a night out to Annabel’s to show off my new dress from American Apparel which according to the boy was well worth it! This is what I wore.

14 Responses to “Grumpy Bear”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    Oooo I have a new dress like that too, but mine is a bit more like a jumper and probably WAY too fitted for my arse but oh well!

  2. Sal Says:

    You have the figure/skin to be able to weat that kind of thing. I hate you.*

    *Figuratively speaking.

  3. sungirltan Says:

    it only shows my legs!!!

  4. daffy Says:

    I loved your rant! Go for it I say!
    The dress is very pretty. Talking about pretty dresses, if you get a chance, go and have a look at my super-gorgeous daughter in her pretty dress. It’s the first time for me( seeing her in a dress, well since she was a bridesmaid aged three!) and it may be the last time for all of us! :o)
    Watching the trident coming in must have been quite impressive.

  5. sungirltan Says:

    daffy – shep seemed v excited about it – just looked like a bigger sub to me. we can see all the war ships and subs come in. when they get close it looks like they are about to crash into the houses in fromt of the flat.
    off to look at your girl now x

  6. Brennig Jones Says:

    Social workers (as a breed, to lump them all in together) don’t use new technology. When I worked in social services I designed an IT system for the registration and inspection of both private and voluntary care homes for Adults and the Elderly and also for the registration and inspection of Children’s Homes (this was in the days when these functions were carried out by each local authority’s Inspection Unit – which is where I worked at that time). As a result of this IT system, we made available to every social work office in the county one module of the system which enabled social care staff to select and draw off by user-defined criteria a short list of establishments that could be suitable for clients they were looking to provide residential information to.


    Although there was significant enthusiasm for the concept in the Area Offices, the actual numbers of social workers who used the system could be counted on the fingers of ten hands. And this was the largest county in England. When we followed up the training they’d been given the number one answer for not using the system on the feedback form was ‘Not comfortable using a computer to get information’.

    I’m sorry, I’m ranting.

    But I turned down a very profitable CareFirst implementation last year because I didn’t want the grief of working with such a bunch of Luddites ever again.

  7. Midnight Says:

    Haha I can relate to that impatience while everyone else storms and norms. I just want to perform and now!

    My father was a career social worker and he was proud of his repuation for rocking the boat (or submarines if he was so inclined).

    So stick with your principles I say! Attack the jargon whenever it appears, because it pisses everyone off even if they know what it means.

    As for IT, I’m with you there, the world now depends on it, so no excuse for not being able to use it with all the training opportunities that exist.

    PS Can’t go wrong with a little black dress!

  8. sungirltan Says:

    bren – yup. and even if they use carefirst they don’t all use it consistantly so it becomes inefficient by being devolved by the users.

  9. sungirltan Says:

    As for IT, I’m with you there, the world now depends on it, so no excuse for not being able to use it with all the training opportunities that exist.

    ………………………YES!!!!!! thanx mids

  10. Matt Says:

    I don’t understand anyone under 30 who’s uncomfortable with IT. once they get into real world peoples patients will wear thin quickly.

    Midnight I think I’m right in saying in Navy jargon Submarines are refereed to as boats & surface craft as ships.

  11. sungirltan Says:

    matt – not all of these folk are under 30 but they have completed 2 years of a v it focused degree already so MY patience is wearing thin!

    matt & mid – i’m sure shep will muscle in about the subs etc when he sees this!!

  12. Bulldog Says:

    Random wanderings . . .

    Those Vanguard class submarines carrying Trident ballistic missiles are similar to our Ohio class SSBN. (I think the UK leases the missiles from us.) The Royal Navy has a few Trafalgar class fast attack SSNs swimming around also. With all the trouble in the world today (and not all of it is the fault of the US), it’s probably good that the UK keep a few submarines in the fleet. Coincidentally, I work at the largest naval base in the world, and there are a few SSNs floating about a quarter-mile from where I sit.

    My mother was a social worker. There’s a short vignette about her here:

    You are drop-dead gorgeous in that dress. Great choice. Wouldn’t work on a submarine, but still a great choice. :o}

  13. sungirltan Says:

    bulldog – thats not me – thats the catlogue pic!!!

  14. Bulldog Says:

    I’ll be back in a bit . . . after I go write “stupid” on my forehead with magic marker.

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