Tomorrow I will mostly….

Be getting cross I imagine. I have to meet again with my learning set. The below pretty much sums up what I expect will happen.



7 Responses to “Tomorrow I will mostly….”

  1. daffy Says:

    Breath, count to ten. :o)
    Hope it goes better than you anticapte. You never know…
    *sending positive vibes over to you!*

  2. Bulldog Says:

    My employer is Uncle Sam, and many of our meetings end the same way.

  3. grunt121 Says:

    Sadly that is quite true of a lot of projects I work on

  4. A Cuban In London Says:

    That was really funny. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. Fabulous Says:

    How did it go?. xx

  6. sungirltan Says:

    hey fabs – well since then the group thing has got a bit more bearable until yesterday when submariner man tried to cut me down in front of the group (its supposed to be ‘elegant challanging’ – he is a twunt) so now i am cross again but hey ho

  7. hoverfrog Says:

    What on earth is ‘elegant challanging’? I imagine a dapper chap with a Noel Coward turn of phrase dismissing the errant message of a young pretender while wafting his unlit cigarette around. I really must do something about my thought processes.

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