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Post of the week…

November 30, 2008

I change my mind all the time about this lady but i did love this post!!


November 28, 2008

I have passed the mother fucking resit!!!!!!!

Breaking the silence

November 25, 2008

I can’t make the link thing work so it looks like i’m not dumb but this is the march I went on yesterday for domestic violence week.


The whole faculty and student body were invited to attend. Who are all about to be or actual social workers amongst other things. Two students showed up, including myself. The march began accross the street from the university.

I didn’t get as emotional as I expected to (every time i’d about it previously i’d burst into tears) but it did make me think alot. Not about the flashbacks (although i had a few on the march) but about the people who picked up the pieces, who are both dead.

‘dont ever tell anybody anything. If you do you start missing everybody’

You know you’ve arrived when..

November 19, 2008

The Dean asks you to train Practice Assessors in an email which includes the line ‘i know i’m cheeky to ask you but..’

I am only a student!

Something of Myself

November 17, 2008


This is my favourite picture from my saturday night out. It was a flat warming event for my friend Quirky to celebrate her being single, finding a smashing flat on the Barbican (she’s arrived!!) and general fabulousness.

The dressing up theme changed several times but ended up being wear whatever you like plus neon pink tights and these daft scrunchie things we got from Claire’s Accessories and a side ponytail. A bloke in the pub called me Malibu Stacey. He he he. why didn’t i think of that?

Obviously the most fun to be had was before we left the flat, hanging out of the window and laughing at people, asking them if they had been sponsored by Topshop (men in fashion cardigans) and making rude comments about the girls trying to impersonate Quality Streets (those hideous neon satin dresses from new look).

After that we ventured to The Maritime for cheap drinks. Sadly toreap this reward one has to put up with being surrounded by dim looking chav boys, a rugby team and well, quite terrifying girls. ho hum.

Sadly this resulted in being gratuitusly groped by said rugby oiks which resulted in me screaming ‘well why don’t you get a f**king life!!’ at one of them.

After many a vodka and redbull we totterd off to Annabels for a bop. This was moslty good except for the increasing number of face girls in there. By face girls i mean the ‘is that the best you can do??’ face accompanied by the looking down noses at people dancing and being silly and having a good time. Not cool.

I do recall having a VERY random conversation with a stranger about how to win back the affection of ones girlfriend after a bout of chlymidia. Nice!

Rich Kid, Poor Kid

November 16, 2008

I finally watched this doc today. I saved it up on 4ondemmad. Oh my god.

Well Alice was/is a horrible bitch. To the point where it gave me second thoughts about my aspirations of sending my kids to private school like me.  I have never heard such ignorant labelling and prejudice. And for a posh girl she needs to learn to close her mouth when she’s chewing gum. The narrator commented that she’d been mugged twice in the last sixth months. I did silently think to myself ‘good!!’. (obviously i don’t wish crime/violence on anybody but god she made me cross). Although after she’d met Natalie she admitted alot of her own mistakes but I wander if her desrire to stay friends with her stemmed from some kind of desrire for novelty/kudos.

I felt respect for Natalie in a really genuine way. She was nicer and alot more worldy wise. She had better manners too.

Its not jogging!! Its running!!!

November 13, 2008

These are my new running trainers. I got them from a proper running shop. I tell you, its a serious, serious business choosing trainers.  The chap in the shop ordered me to take my shoes off and got down on the floor to prod my muscles and inspect my feet. Then he got out nearly all the trainers in the shop. then we narrowed it down to acceptable ones. Then i had to try them out on the treadmill whilst he assessed my running form and stuff. It took almost an hour! They are very squishy and comfy though. However, running shop king did identify the weird problem I have with my right hip not entirely working together with the left one and how its throwing me off balance. He prescribed some sports massages so I may give it a go.


Meanwhile Shep and I have been out running alot lately, even during the downpour on saturday. Its very serious!

8 st 6lbs though!

Not only but also..

November 6, 2008

Here is a list of things which have been happening lately:

  1. Shep dyed my hair for me the other day. Why I hadn’t teped into this resource before I have no legitimate excuse for. Dying the roots of your fiancee’s hair is the anal retentive’s dream activity. He enjoyed it v much!
  2. My hair has become long and unruly since I have quit the hairdressers for an extended period. It all started when I watch that documentary where nice Jamelia went to investigate where hair extensions came from and whether it was ethical or not. I am failry sure (from looking at old pictures) that my hair will look as good as extensons when it gets to that length since it is very thick and heavy on its own. Sadly its now just hitting my shoulders and is already being described as ‘unmanageable”. Also I have been watching the Girls Aloud Off The Record and coveting Sarah Harding’s short and chic hair with increasing envy.
  3. I went flat hunting yesterday with Quirky who, hopefully, has finally binned the substandard boyfriend (he who blamed his indiscretions on her weight!). The final straw was catching him out telling a girl on the internet that she was ‘jealous and possesive’. This was a few weeks after the boyfriend got so suspicious that he made himself a profile on some dating site to try and catch her out.
  4. I’ve handed in my resit paper. I wasn’t a 100% happy with it and it took alot out of me but well its gone now and I’m back to waiting.
  5. At some point I will write a big rant about various equal rights issues I have been discussing lately but for now i’m just sticking with this…… was announced today in the Herald that the navy are considering allowing women to serve as submariners. This is after years of claiming they cant for health reasons and accomodation needs and blah. Turns out they are turning on their heels because they are running out of chaps. Oh how I laughed. You can make a profession completely gender biased only if you can find enough blokes to staff it, if not then you are a bit fucked really.
  6. I got my Dell Inspiron, in ruby red in the end. I loves it.