Not only but also..

Here is a list of things which have been happening lately:

  1. Shep dyed my hair for me the other day. Why I hadn’t teped into this resource before I have no legitimate excuse for. Dying the roots of your fiancee’s hair is the anal retentive’s dream activity. He enjoyed it v much!
  2. My hair has become long and unruly since I have quit the hairdressers for an extended period. It all started when I watch that documentary where nice Jamelia went to investigate where hair extensions came from and whether it was ethical or not. I am failry sure (from looking at old pictures) that my hair will look as good as extensons when it gets to that length since it is very thick and heavy on its own. Sadly its now just hitting my shoulders and is already being described as ‘unmanageable”. Also I have been watching the Girls Aloud Off The Record and coveting Sarah Harding’s short and chic hair with increasing envy.
  3. I went flat hunting yesterday with Quirky who, hopefully, has finally binned the substandard boyfriend (he who blamed his indiscretions on her weight!). The final straw was catching him out telling a girl on the internet that she was ‘jealous and possesive’. This was a few weeks after the boyfriend got so suspicious that he made himself a profile on some dating site to try and catch her out.
  4. I’ve handed in my resit paper. I wasn’t a 100% happy with it and it took alot out of me but well its gone now and I’m back to waiting.
  5. At some point I will write a big rant about various equal rights issues I have been discussing lately but for now i’m just sticking with this…… was announced today in the Herald that the navy are considering allowing women to serve as submariners. This is after years of claiming they cant for health reasons and accomodation needs and blah. Turns out they are turning on their heels because they are running out of chaps. Oh how I laughed. You can make a profession completely gender biased only if you can find enough blokes to staff it, if not then you are a bit fucked really.
  6. I got my Dell Inspiron, in ruby red in the end. I loves it.

9 Responses to “Not only but also..”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    my hair won’t grow 😦 damn it.

  2. Dave59r Says:

    The issue told to me about the submarine service was always that the smaller T & S boats didnt have enough space to have split accom. Now that we have the newer and larger V & A boats in service (with en-suit wash rooms for a few on boad) this issue no longer exists.

    How do you think wives & husbands of service personnel would have thought to the idea of their loved ones having to hotbunk (share the same bed) with someone else of the opposite sex for 3 months at a time?

    Everyone onboard a S & T boat except for the Captain has to hotbunk! This will no longer be the case for the newer boats.

    There could always be another answer from your ‘gender biased’ Navy in that its better to have a second class submarine service than no submarnine service at all!

  3. sungirltan Says:

    shep – re the last paragraph…what?

  4. punctuation Says:

    I think that might have been a teeny Shep-rant there Tan. πŸ™‚

    Still, he has now lost all “me, I’m like a sea-going action man with moving eyes” credibility after you posted about him dyeing your hair.

    All I can think of now is Steve Strange on Celebrity Scissor Hands…. lol…

  5. Dave59r Says:

    Just how a large part of the Navy may view the change.

  6. sungirltan Says:

    what makes it second class?

  7. Dave59r Says:

    I never said it was……just saying that could be the response from a Matlow.


  8. Bulldog Says:

    The U.S. Navy is apparently going to “man” some new Virginia class fast-attack submarines with all women crews.

    Women already fly and crew combat aircraft, and command capital ships. Why not submarines?

    Interesting comment from a Chief Petty Officer:
    “I went to submarines to get a breather from my wife and her mother. Especially her mother. Now I have to spend 60 days underwater with women? You know how long they take in the bathroom.”

    I suspect his commanding officer had a word or two with him after that was published.

    Oh, and the reporter should brush up on his Navy ranks. That’s a captain (O-6) in the picture, not a commander (O-5).

  9. Lisa Says:

    That is too cool… All female-“manned” submarines.

    Nevermind the CPO’s commanding officer… what about his wife? πŸ™‚

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