Rich Kid, Poor Kid

I finally watched this doc today. I saved it up on 4ondemmad. Oh my god.

Well Alice was/is a horrible bitch. To the point where it gave me second thoughts about my aspirations of sending my kids to private school like me.  I have never heard such ignorant labelling and prejudice. And for a posh girl she needs to learn to close her mouth when she’s chewing gum. The narrator commented that she’d been mugged twice in the last sixth months. I did silently think to myself ‘good!!’. (obviously i don’t wish crime/violence on anybody but god she made me cross). Although after she’d met Natalie she admitted alot of her own mistakes but I wander if her desrire to stay friends with her stemmed from some kind of desrire for novelty/kudos.

I felt respect for Natalie in a really genuine way. She was nicer and alot more worldy wise. She had better manners too.


6 Responses to “Rich Kid, Poor Kid”

  1. gemmak Says:

    Agreed..on all fronts. Natalie came accross by far the better person, Alice….arghhh! I too secretly thought ‘good’ ref. the muggings! She needs to spend a year or two living a more realisitic life, she made me soooo cross!

  2. sungirltan Says:

    yeh maybe but do you have to lead a realistic life to be nice to people? i would of thought her mother, as a teacher, would have some grasp of anti discriminatory practice and the importance of not labelling people and lumping them into groups!

  3. pete Says:

    didn’t see it but it sounds like all it’s done is reinforce the prevaling stereotypes; rich folks – bad, poor folks – good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the rich kid was annoying, but I’d venture to suggest that the producers wouldn’t have had a show if she wasn’t. Pick an awful rude chav and a nice rich kid and the show wouldn’t work and would prob. be called discriminatory.

    You get nasty people in all ends of life and nice people too. Media in this country is now tilted very much against the better off though – the public in general enjoy to villainise people who have more than them. Shows that reinforce the idea that the rich are horrid are as negative as ones that do the opposite. At the end of the day we’re all just people.

    In the past few days almost everyone I’ve spoken too has broken stereotypes – they’re always damaging. Anyway not much of that is relevant, sorry. I just get frustrated at the seeming dedication of our country’s media to make sure everything seen as upper class or in any way linked to it has to be negatively portrayed. It’s unbalanced.

  4. sungirltan Says:

    pete – don’t get me wrong – the tv comment site had the poor kid as some kind of saint – she certainly wasn’t that. however she did possess some manners and awareness which rich absolutely did not.
    i’m not sure the show did push stereotypes so much. well not for me anyway. my travel buddy went to rodean and westminster and could out -posh anyone but would never dream of making such ignornant judgements. but maybe thats the point – alice’s poshness just thinly veiled the fact that she just wasn’t that bright.

  5. Dave59r Says:

    It wouldn’t make very good TV at all Pete would it!?

    Take each person on their individual merits as you see them yourself……rich or poor.

  6. amillionpieces Says:

    Tan, I think we both have the advantage though of having known nice people from all walks of life. If you don’t know anyone from some social grouping and all you ever receive is negative views of them from the media then it’s only naturally going to affect your view.

    Dave, yeah, individual merits is the only way you ever find out about anyone. Most TV is just there to get a reaction anyway.

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