Breaking the silence

I can’t make the link thing work so it looks like i’m not dumb but this is the march I went on yesterday for domestic violence week.


The whole faculty and student body were invited to attend. Who are all about to be or actual social workers amongst other things. Two students showed up, including myself. The march began accross the street from the university.

I didn’t get as emotional as I expected to (every time i’d about it previously i’d burst into tears) but it did make me think alot. Not about the flashbacks (although i had a few on the march) but about the people who picked up the pieces, who are both dead.

‘dont ever tell anybody anything. If you do you start missing everybody’


5 Responses to “Breaking the silence”

  1. Dave59r Says:


  2. amillionpieces Says:

    Well done, Tan. Sorry to hear more students didn’t join you x

  3. hoverfrog Says:

    Well done you.

  4. sungirltan Says:

    thanx hf and pete xx

  5. Fabulous Says:

    Woohoo well done. x

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