If I knew then….what I know now!

I was going to do a post about new year resolutions (which I make every year and do not keep), Instead I have decided to make a list of all the things I learned/discovered in 2008. I tag you all to do the same if you like.

1. Shep can retouch my roots better than I can. (and enjoy it more!)
2. Babies are extremely messy/funny in equal measures.
3. Never again to let a friend be discharged from hospital alone. I made a solemn promise recently that god forbid if there is ever a next time that i’m showing up at 7am with a stack of books and magazines prepared to wait it out rather than put anyone through that again.
4. When you leave a hotel room, make sure you check EVERYWHERE that you haven’t left anything behind. (i can’t tell the story since i forbade shep from doing so)
5. Telling the above story to all your work mates at the xmas party will amuse them/embarras a 17 year old boy quite effectively.
6. As will explainig that you think its completely normal to display naked pictures of yourself on kitchen cupboards at all times.
7. Prison Break is totally addictive. I’m already over excited about Season 4.
8. That when you believing in yourself for a while – other people will pick up the slack until you get back on your feet.
9. I’m alot more competitive than I thought.
10. My Dad is never going to change/behave in a civil manner/ever have any real considerations for the feelings of his daughters.
11. That I’m starting to think that when someone stops talking to you that its not because they don’t like you anymore, its because they don’t like themselves.
12. That sadly, George Lamb or his father are not going away any time soon. Sadly. (if you went to my(and George’s) school then you’d understand)).
13. I am much fitter than I thought (with the climbing mountains n all that)
14. My Name is Earl is also great.
15. Easing up on the GHD’s will do wonders for your hair. And your man.
16. That ‘you can never look back’ is a well meant but pointless piece of advice. More useful would be ‘if you want to escape the past then stay the hell away from it!!’.
17. I will always be a dissapointed idealist trying to save the world.
18. That we’re not in Kansas anymore. Meaning that things down here will never be quite the same as they were in the somewhat more enlightened midlands. (i could explain but i’d be here a while!)
19. Expect the unexpected and apply this to everything.
20. The more things change, the more they stay the same. You can apply that to alot of my life too.


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11 Responses to “If I knew then….what I know now!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Do tell more about that idiot George Lamb….

  2. Dave59r Says:

    Hotel room…….he he he

  3. sungirltan Says:

    matt – i might do if i know who you were

  4. Perpetual Says:

    Not George Lamb the (not very good) BBC 6 Music DJ?

  5. sungirltan Says:

    perps – yeh him

  6. gemmak Says:

    Good post, I wish I had learned as much in a year…..suspect I haven’t managed all that in a lifetime! GHD….arghhhh, not good, that much I do know tho! ;o)

  7. sungirltan Says:

    gem – i said i’d learned it – acting on it is something different!!

  8. Dick Says:

    12. I do understand. Your awareness of George Lamb, SGT, indicates inside knowledge. I too have inside knowledge, I assume from the same source. I suspect that you know who I am. Which leaves one bit of information to be revealed! Via email, maybe?

  9. Dick Says:

    …unless you knew him post-16, of course.

  10. sungirltan Says:

    dick – re comment 2 – no, luckily. btw i took your blog url off your facebook

  11. Dick Says:

    Duh. I’m a slow old Sherlock. Hi, TB.

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