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And now for something completely different…

January 28, 2009

I never got round to posting about Shep and I’s weekend in Falmouth and the Lizard back along. Instead of blathering on I’m leaving you some pictures………please write a caption and amuse me!



In other news…

January 12, 2009

1. I bought jeans in RI today which were a size 6. As ever I’m not sure what to feel about that. I think I am alot healthier than a few months back though because I did 6 hours of lectures today but without feeling like I was about to die from exhaustion immediately afterwards.
2. I was given an Amarylis bulb for christmas by the mother. I love them (as well as hyacinths) because they remind me of my grandad so strongly that they evoke an immediate snapshot of him at the dining room table with all his pots lined up on the windowsill. Also because of the Russell Hoban novel, Amarylis Night and Day, about living inside dreams and Edward Hopper paintings. But anyway the plant has grown 2 feet and will flower anyday. I am obsessed with it and talk to it often. I must take a picture when it bursts.
3. I’m still loving my placement. On friday i went to a food/social thing for the service users. It was fabulous. Shep decreed i must attend every one as i brought home leftover food which was very tasty. I made friends with two sisters from the middle east who were easily the most beautiful women I have ever seen in real life. I was v jealous for a bit but seeing so much diversity and vibrance in one night made a change from fat janners in tracksuits shoving pasties into their mouths and shouting at toddlers also wearing tracksuits.

At the chalkface…

January 12, 2009

So school has started again. Its my last beginning of term, hopefully forever. Feels like a total non event though. I have two new lecturers. One of them is extremely irritating. The other one is quite interesting. He showed us some quite disturbing docs about the history of psychiatry (an almost fake profession save for the last 50 or so years). I think the mental health module might be better than anticipated. Less popular lecturer has abandoned the uni portal (sharepoint) in favour of this WetPaint site thing. Much crossness was to be had about that. She has also changed the assessment back to an exam after lengthy campaigning to change it to an essay, mostly from the dyslexics on the course (which includes myself, allegedly). We’ll see how she fares with the angry social workers.


January 6, 2009

1. I have started my placement at the charity which helps refugees and asylum seekers. I think it will be ok there. People were nice to me and I didn’t feel too much like a hopeless twat which is the extent of what I worry about really these days. There are 13 students there zalready who all seem v happy and enthusiastic which is comforting although to be fair I had a great time at my placement last year just doing my own thing.
2. The only downside to the above is that I imagine I will have to waste space in my portfolio having that rather dull value debate about whether accepting hospitality from service users compromises professionalism. It makes me quite mad. The succint version of my thoughts are that if an individual/family has the indignity imposed on them of having to accept services which they might not want but nevertheless have no means to pay you for then denying them the basic courtesy of making you a cup of tea is just bloody rude.
3. Shep and I have been watching Our Friends in the North (again as he’s never seen it). If you haven’t seen it you should.
4. We have no snow but its bloody cold.
5. I can’t help gloating a bit about more shop closures. Its all gone a bit survival of the fittest I think.
6. I am lurching toward the the end of my Direct Payments essay and must begin the child protection one imminently.
7. Did anyone watch Panorama last night? It was about sexual bullying in schools. Any thoughts?