Why I should steer clear of tabloids (but never learn)!

This is why..

I can’t even tell you how mad this story makes me. Not the fact that this young lady will be mother of 4 at 17 but the shockingly judgemental journalism. I think its possibly the most prejudce piece of print I have read in some time.
The reporter describes Sian as having ‘no obvious prospects other than a life on taxpayer funded benefits’. Thats fantastic, it really – you go right ahead Daily Express and write her off at the age of 17!! I’m sure that will really inspire her (along with the negative, intrusive and insensitive publicity) to think beyond the next couple of years and what else she might like to do with her life.

Whatsmore, the hospital have encouraged her to consider aborting some of the babies because they are sharing a placenta and its safer I guess. Sian has declined. I don’t blame her really since the world has told her how wrong she is in the way she lives her life – how can you expect her to abort a child when she has nothing else but her role as a mother.

Yes having a baby at 15 and a few more at 17 is far from ideal. Yes her Mother should have set a better example. But what is perpetuating this cycle? Surely we need to support our young people to aspire to more than early parenthood, not just castigate them and write them off if they make mistakes.

And finally…I’m sick to death of this ‘taxpayers money’ concept. Firstly, it doesn’t make you holier than thou and secondly, theres no such thing as a non taxpayer – what do you think VAT is???!!!


9 Responses to “Why I should steer clear of tabloids (but never learn)!”

  1. Fabulous Says:

    Deep breath.
    I understand what you mean. I never really thought about the who taxpayers money thing. I do think it is wrong that so many mothers live off of benefits. So much to the extent that i have heard some say ” its ok if i dont have a job i will just have a baby. Once you have a baby you are always looked after”. How wrong is that.
    You do have to take a serious look at the mothers. I bet her mum is probably single and living off of benefits and not setting a very good example. The law states no sex before 16 and there really is a reason for that. Children can not be responsable before that age.
    I know that i am probably sounding all against them and sterotyping. But really i know that there are a lot of young mums that are brilliant. I know a lot of them. But unfortunately… the majority of them… are not. Hence why i got birtched at the otherday.
    Becoming a mum for the first time really make you think about things in a whole different light. I am so glad that i was old enough to be responsable for my little life. I cant imagine having a baby at 17. In fact later than that.
    I do agree that the paper has not really inspired that young woman go do something with her life other than being a mum. I have to tell you though… being a mum is the hardest job in the world. But i am glad that i got a good education before that.

  2. Fabulous Says:

    Sorry i babbled on a bit

  3. sungirltan Says:

    fabs – i dont completely disagree about the idea of having a baby so you dont have to bother being really quite wrong. however a grown up lday making that choice and well frankly a child doing so is very different. something is very wrong with society if we are teaching young girls that they need not aspire beyond gas, food, lodging and no more.
    i just really worry about how much the visceral media coverage of these case is marginalising these young women even further instead of offering a recovery model.

  4. Matt Says:

    I’ve met my fair share of these young girls, friend of mine was in a mother & baby unit. There’s like 20 plus young mums or pregnant girls all stuck together (utter mayhem) generally they are as loving about there kids as many other parents I know.

    Problem is they just believe in a system of living off benefit’s & that’s what irks people when they look at there pay packet see how much a tax burden they carry, I’m guessing your shep pays fair amount of tax.

    I don’t know the answer to breaking this cycle of living off Benefit’s but there must be a solution & not a quick fix more a generational concept.

  5. Dick Says:

    ‘Surely we need to support our young people to aspire to more than early parenthood, not just castigate them and write them off if they make mistakes’. With you all the way there, T. Well said.

  6. sungirltan Says:

    Matt – we all pay tax one way or another and we all benefit – directly or indirectly.

    Dick, thanks – I get really angry about this stuff and I’m convinced the biggest perpotrator of discrimination is the media. I’m also convinced of Durkheim’s theory of anomie and that the marginalisation of young women from specific demographics keeps the teenage pregnancy rate up as much as it causes crime and anti social behaviour in young men. He would say the solution to this is social reconstruction but I’m sure the readers of the tabloids which think they are broadsheets might have a few things to say about that!

  7. Shep59r Says:

    Peoples emotions do run very hot on this issue, there is only a limited pot of money to fund all of societies needs and people acting irresponsible like this needs to be addressed.

    I used to joke about couples being allowed to have only 1 child that the state freely supoorted and that if they wanted more they had to pass eligibility tests (income, IQ, parenthood, health, etc)……

    With population growth and limited resources i think this joke will be a day to day reality soon. The paper has been harsh with this girl (child), but its an issue that society/world needs to wake up to quickly.

  8. sungirltan Says:

    Well you know what I think about the limited pot of money and what would be first on the list of things to go! To everyone else that would be the two wars that Britain (I can’t say we) either shouldn’t be involved and or can’t win – not that I think a war can be won.

    Anyway I digress…society will continue to pay for a from that it itself creates. I don’t think many people who say they don’t think welfare dependence from adolescence onward isn’t a problem but having a bitch about it won’t make it go away….no really it wont!!

  9. Shep59r Says:

    (ive gone quiet)


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