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Meanwhile, back in Social Work land…

February 22, 2009

My career is at risk. I came so close to punching a housing benefit officer in the face on friday. He really was a rude, officious, twat. And he looked like he’d done his own highlights with loo bleach. But I digress….
On the one hand I feel sorry for people who do jobs like that. The daily (hourly?) risk of being shouted, sworn at and or generally abused must be pretty high. I’m not sure I could handle although it was a job i applied for years ago in Leicester when i was fed up of working for Next (when was i ever not fed up of working for Next?). On the other hand surely that job is more bearable and possibly less hostile if one addresses people by name and not keep calling them ‘the claimant’. A lot of the Job Centre folk seem to have this approach too. I am confused by it all. Social Workers spend alot of time learning about effective communication skills but it seems as if a lot of other public sector employees do quite the opposite.

At uni, however I must choose an area of mental health to write a paper on. My first thought was anorexia but I have recently re-read Prozac Nation so might lean toward depression in young women with some conclusions drawn about whether its class dependent in both prevalence and rates of diagnosis.

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February 22, 2009

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