This n that…

I recently signed a downing street petition against The Sun newspaper and their constant negative portayal of the social work profession. I have just seen Soldier on the telly in an advert for said newspaper and its help for heroes thing. I am more used to seeing exes on Newsnight.

Uni rejected my application for additiaonl funding since they changed their rules and I have to stay at uni until august. I can’t even explain how pissed off i am about this since 1. i dont have any choice. 2. i’ve never asked before and its my v last opportunity to. 3. knowledge of other circunmstances under which they have shelled out.

I had a nice day yesterday with my mum and maybe cheered up a little bit. She bought me this for the impending arrival.


It is called a Truffle Sheep.

We went to garden superstore to buy me strawberry plants and geraniums and stripey something and a bird feeder to make me happy again. Well try.

The mission for this afternoon is to try and start some uni work.

7 Responses to “This n that…”

  1. Sal Says:

    My current beau was in the Metro last week. That was bloody scary. I nearly choked on my can of Red Bull.

  2. nikki Says:

    baa. i love you.

    it was fantastic to talk to you today for such a long time. i can’t wait to be the awesome auntie from overseas!!!!

  3. Sal Says:

    See! Another auntie!

  4. sungirltan Says:

    sal – i know, i think there are at least 5!

  5. hoverfrog Says:

    I don’t read the Current Bun and haven’t since I graduated to the Beano. What horrible things are they saying?

    Are any of these things being said:

    Social work is underfunded in many areas.
    Social workers are overworked and have to cut corners just to keep up with their workload.
    The morale of social workers is generally poor as they don’t get the support from local government that they need.

    No? I expect that it’s a witch hunt then.

    What would society be like if there were no social workers? Or if there was no-one working in social care? Actually that’s a serious question. Can you paint a picture of society without funding and help for those in need?

  6. sungirltan Says:

    hf – actually yes. at the very least loads of kids wouldn’t be accessing any kind of education, which diminishes life chances and ultimately raises crime and drains the economy. lots of kids already down that hole would be at serious risk of actual death from drug overdoses, violence etc etc. lots and lots and lots of people would be street homeless. education, health and other allied services would never talk to eachother. old people would never get washed from the waist down. yes really.

  7. hoverfrog Says:

    The lovely Hildy works with parents to get their kids back to school and I used to work in an older persons team so my questions were a bit rhetorical. I know things are far from perfect in social care but I really don’t think this is the fault of social care. I think it falls to government, local and national, and economic pressures. It’s cheaper to let old people sit in their own filth than have social workers arrange a nurse to visit. It’s cheaper to let children run wild than get them into school.

    Well it’s cheaper in the short term but there are long reaching costs to society and lives and even to people’s pockets when the needs of the vulnerable are ignored.

    I wish the papers would deal with facts rather than opinions but I suppose opinions and witch hunts sell more ink than balanced and nuanced investigation.

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