Not the most played song in public places but…

GMTV were banging on about this earlier on. It reminded me about something in the pregnancy book that I should be listening to music I like plenty because apparently it will soothe the wee baby later on when is ratty. Well heres hoping. At the moment then its likely that my child will mostly be pacified by the following;

Captain Beefheart – Bluejeans and Moonbeams
Duffy – Rockferry (but only that track – her newer stuff is soooo dissapointing)
Split Enz – Message to My Girl
Paul Simon – Crazy Love Vol:2
Cat Stevens – Into White
Jackson Browne – Before the Deluge
Roxy Music – More Than This
Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill
Neil Young – After The Goldrush
REM – The Great Beyond (And often Bad Day but thats a motivator song, not a lullaby!)

Maybe its a good thing for the hatchling that I’m such a sad old hippy!

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3 Responses to “Not the most played song in public places but…”

  1. Dave59r Says:

    So ‘Enter the sandman’ is still a maybe then!??!

  2. Dick Says:

    Have I missed an important news item concerning tiny feet etc.? I’ll hold on the congrats just in case I’ve got this one embarrassingly wrong.

    Re the music – as the real thing (sad old hippy, retired) I commend you in your choice, T. ‘Solsbury Hill’ is a particular favourite + pretty much anything by the crazy Captain and the whole of ‘After The Goldrush’.

  3. sungirltan Says:

    dick – yes and no, its not a secret as such i just passworded the more personal entries – ill send it to you – more of a keeping certain people out than secrets in measure.
    re the music – the captain beefheart thing came from reading ‘I’m With The Band’ and ending up geeking out on all the music referenced in there (i’m sure i’ve seen a flying burrito brothers cd knocking around here i haven’t uploaded yet)
    time for some more angry neil now…

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