I am fairly depressed today what with it being another home alone to write bits of portfolio day with the no company and or fun…but this cheered me up somewhat and reminds of every conversation i’ve ever had about boarding school with people who did not attend one.
Them: So where did you go to school?
Me: Actually I went to boarding school.
Them: Oh no, really? Poor you!
Me: No, I loved it, well except for the endless Bob Marley!!

To be fair BM seems quite inoffensive to me now but I still have issues with kids at my school in the later years trying to tell me that they were into the Fugees because they ‘totally got what it was about’. Thats a whole Stupid White People post on its own.


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One Response to “Meanwhile”

  1. Fabulous Says:

    Oh no cheer up hun. Remember that you do have a little company. Its the fun bit that your lacking. Hugs. xx

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