Dear Banana

I get to see you again tomorrow. I’m very excited. I think you are too since even right now at lunch time you’re wriggling about like an impatient puppy. I find out tomorrow whether you are a girl or a boy. (please be a girl……i’m just being honest).

ps. the two noisy people were your Dad and Grandma. They are excitable at best.

6 Responses to “Dear Banana”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    Oh MY!!!! That’s very exciting!! xx

  2. hoverfrog Says:

    Tsk! Grandparents. So unruly.

  3. Fabulous Says:

    Yay your going to find out. Fingers crossed for you. I know what you mean. I would prefer a girl. x

  4. nikki Says:


  5. Fabulous Says:

    yeah so whats the news?.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Yes, what’s the news?

    That was me, too (“please let it be a girl”..) 🙂

    No offense to anyone.

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