I had my scan at 21 weeks and apparently, I am the proud mother of a textbook baby. However, the little monkey had its legs crossed and its little hands around its ankles during the scan. The sonographer poked it with the scan thing and we saw it raises its hands to its face to protect it and I wanted to cry with guilt. Sonographer thinks its a girl but can’t say for definite.
So thats the news.

Meanwhile for all my worrying a few weeks ago the baby regularly wakes up and wriggles and kicks.


8 Responses to “Well…”

  1. Dick Says:

    Textbook baby is good news, although she (?) is going to do things her (?) way.

  2. Perpetual Says:

    Did you have a preference as to a boy or a girl?

  3. blue soup Says:

    Aww, glad to hear that the little monkey is doing fine x

  4. Fabulous Says:

    i wanna say.. yay… but your not sure. So i am am gonna say i am glad it went ok and that the little one is all healthy and kicking about. hurrah for that.

  5. pinkjellybaby Says:

    😀 awwww I liked this post! xx

  6. sungirltan Says:

    d – i’d hope for nothing less!
    perps – girl!!! and its nothing to do with frocks.
    bs – ta
    fabs – incidentally she now sounds like a train
    pinky – you have a kitten – you should be happy!

  7. Rachael Says:


    BTW: of course its a gurl, silly!


  8. gemmak Says:

    Awwww….don’t poke him/her! ;o)

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