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I am green today, I chirp with joy like a cricket song..

May 23, 2009

I spent all day yesterday at the allotment run my my refugee agency. It was the long overdue planting and digging open day. In laymans terms that means we rounded up as many staff and service users as we could convince and dug over the plots and filled them with new baby veg plants.
The plot is on the hillside of Central Park in Plymouth and overlooks the city and the sea. It is windy and bright. I got sunburnt on my hands from working and on my collarbone as a perfect scoop neckline, broken up by the white space left by the chunky bronze heart necklace I was wearing. So classy! And I tease Shep for his farmer tan.
We have crops now of broad beans, rasberries, spuds, sweetcorn, tomoatoes, peppers and chilllies, butternut squash, peas, onions and garlic. There is also tons of other stuff that might not identify itself for a few weesk yet!

Meanwhile at Shep Towers my kitchen garden has been descimated by greenfly and I have lost one tub of tomatoes and all the bell and jalapeno peppers. I think my last remaining sunflower is also on its knees. I gave in and procured the spray fly killer but work up to a horrible chlorophyl smell and dead plants. I wanted to cry buckets over my first failing but spurred on by the allotment day out I am determined I will pick myself up and carry on. Shep ferried me to B&Q and I now have some new pepper and other assorted veg plants and a really posh wooden planter. There is also a piece in the Telegraph magazione today that makes me want an allotment of my own so much I can’t even tell you!