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June 29, 2009

I am madly trying to finish my placement before it finishes me. 9 days full time to go. I am feeling odd and sad about it. Once its over its over – no more fun times with refugees, cooking with boisterous ladies yelling in arabic, cuddling babies, laughing like drains with my service users, having really big talks about cultural differences and the oppression of women accross them, finding common ground at the ends of the earth, meeting some really wonderful, unforgettable characters.

I have turned 30, none too happily but I did have a lovely weekend in Padstow with Shep. We ate at Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant and it was fabulous. V tasty, tasty fish things to be had there! Padstow was also really beautiful and i’d like to go back many times. On the way back we stopped for ice cream and played with piglets – shep was of course in 7th heaven!

I am now uncomfortably pregnant. The baby wriggles a lot which is nice and kicks me in the guts which is horrid. The wee baby growing anymore seems inconcievable.

Meanwhile I finally have some stuff. I’ve collected a truck load of baby girl things from a friend with a 20 month old but nothing smaller than 3 months and I am still a bit confused about what its all for! However I did get a v comprehensive list from newshoes and ordered a ton of stuff from john lewis. Babies are expensive!

Because theres more to me than just a bump (just about….still!)

June 18, 2009

We recently had a boss type person of Shep’s over for dinner with us plus PF. It was actually really nice and he was a very interesting chap. Today he sent me a thank you letter. Not an email/text….an actual letter – handwritten and more than two lines. I was astonished! And ever so touched. We have strict traditions in my family about thank you letters for christmas and birthday presents but even those have transferred to emails over the years. I’m just made up!

In other news I have had my second to last practice observation and my last meeting with practice supervisor, practice learning manager and academic tutor. I’ve had some really strong positive feedback which has been nice and a change from stupid assessors telling me I shouldn’t be letting the children I work with touch me (children i work with range from 4 months to 11 – the ones i see most are 2 year olds who climb all over me). Consequently I have been asked to speak at the uni in September to new social work students about social work in the third sector and opportunities to evidence theory in practice. I said yes, if I haven’t hatched by then.


June 17, 2009

I seem to winning the virtual balloon eating/easter egg impression contest. I just read on one of my pregnancy newletter/email/junk type things that the bebe will now undergo a growth spurt until week 29. Great stuff. I can’t do my shoes up as it is!
The bebe also wriggles like mad most of the time now which reassures me that it is infact still alive!

Posh Friend came to visit for the weekend so I have been rejuvinated by shopping and general girly company. Shep nad I let PF have a go on the doppler and listen to the baby heartbet which she thought was so amazing. I suppose for me the novelty of that has sort of worn off because I can feel her kick all the time.
I had the 3d scan at a Bump2Baby show in Exeter with the osle purpose of finding out baby gender. Now that I know she’s a giel she actually has some stuff!! Well 1 baby outfit which my Mum bought her from posh organic baby baby compnay, 3 washable nappies with velour bum covers in bright colours, 1 wooden toy, a wooden toothbrush from posh organic baby compnay again, 2 x free swaddling blankets and some crayons. PF bought her a baby blanket with little ducks on it and yet another jellycat toy – this one is a monkey to go in the pram! OK so I need about a thousand other things but hey its start!


June 16, 2009


(i had a 3d scan – i’ve seen her bum and everything)

(thank bloody god for that!)

Protected: You are no longer a fruit….

June 8, 2009

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