I seem to winning the virtual balloon eating/easter egg impression contest. I just read on one of my pregnancy newletter/email/junk type things that the bebe will now undergo a growth spurt until week 29. Great stuff. I can’t do my shoes up as it is!
The bebe also wriggles like mad most of the time now which reassures me that it is infact still alive!

Posh Friend came to visit for the weekend so I have been rejuvinated by shopping and general girly company. Shep nad I let PF have a go on the doppler and listen to the baby heartbet which she thought was so amazing. I suppose for me the novelty of that has sort of worn off because I can feel her kick all the time.
I had the 3d scan at a Bump2Baby show in Exeter with the osle purpose of finding out baby gender. Now that I know she’s a giel she actually has some stuff!! Well 1 baby outfit which my Mum bought her from posh organic baby baby compnay, 3 washable nappies with velour bum covers in bright colours, 1 wooden toy, a wooden toothbrush from posh organic baby compnay again, 2 x free swaddling blankets and some crayons. PF bought her a baby blanket with little ducks on it and yet another jellycat toy – this one is a monkey to go in the pram! OK so I need about a thousand other things but hey its start!


One Response to “Meanwhile….”

  1. Shelby Stidham Says:

    Congratulations on the news that it’s a girl. How exciting.. now you can buy gender appropriate everything. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

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