In short…

I am madly trying to finish my placement before it finishes me. 9 days full time to go. I am feeling odd and sad about it. Once its over its over – no more fun times with refugees, cooking with boisterous ladies yelling in arabic, cuddling babies, laughing like drains with my service users, having really big talks about cultural differences and the oppression of women accross them, finding common ground at the ends of the earth, meeting some really wonderful, unforgettable characters.

I have turned 30, none too happily but I did have a lovely weekend in Padstow with Shep. We ate at Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant and it was fabulous. V tasty, tasty fish things to be had there! Padstow was also really beautiful and i’d like to go back many times. On the way back we stopped for ice cream and played with piglets – shep was of course in 7th heaven!

I am now uncomfortably pregnant. The baby wriggles a lot which is nice and kicks me in the guts which is horrid. The wee baby growing anymore seems inconcievable.

Meanwhile I finally have some stuff. I’ve collected a truck load of baby girl things from a friend with a 20 month old but nothing smaller than 3 months and I am still a bit confused about what its all for! However I did get a v comprehensive list from newshoes and ordered a ton of stuff from john lewis. Babies are expensive!


6 Responses to “In short…”

  1. Dave59r Says:

    Babies arnt expensive…..theyre cute!! 🙂

    Teenagers are expensive……..not very cute either 😦

  2. Lisa Says:

    the fun part is packing away clothes every couple of months and needing almost a whole new wardrobe. 😀

    Shopping for little clothes is fun, though.

  3. Fabulous Says:

    Babies are expensive. Be careful not to spend money on things that you will never use. It is very easily done. And also clothes that they will never wear. We bought our girl some cute dresses but she didnt end up wearing them as its easier to have babies in cute little grows as they drow so quickly and get very messy very quickly.
    As for the birthday. Its all good hun. You are with ‘the one’ and you have a bubba on the way. Life is going to be great. x

  4. Dick Says:

    In the last few months before Reuben was born we scoured the Sunday Stevenage car boot sale every weekend. Because babies in the early stages grow so fast, we gathered masses of babyclothes, all washed and in excellent nick. Ditto charity shops. Emma’s mum lives near posh, tweed’n’twinset Farnham in Surrey and she was forever bringing up parcels of very classy baby stuff.

    The trick is to have absolutely no bourgeois pride about second-hand gear. Provided it’s clean and in good order, why bust the bank balance when you really don’t have to?

  5. Dick Says:

    Oh, and if it’s any consolation, you turning 30 makes me feel positively derelict!

  6. sungirltan Says:

    Lisa, its becoming more fun but its so confusing. I have learned now what a scratch mitt is but not whether outfits labelled ‘0-3 months’ and ‘newborn’ are infact the same size or not!

    Fabs – I have a huge pile of stuff inherited from my god daughter which goes from 3 to 18 months and includes many pretty, flouncy frocks that i might not have bought myself but am quite excited about! I kind of don’t see the point of frockage on babies unless its special occasion and agree that the all in ones are v cute and more practical.

    dick – I’ve still not managed to get to the CBS at the end of my road but I am planning a trip to a table top sale at my sure Start place at the end of the month. If my baby was a boy he’d have nothing – all my friends kids are girls! Re Farnham – I might check out the charity shops in Totnes in that vein. Meanwhile my friend is keen to hand make her some outfits once she can be measured which will delight me even more.

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