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You can have it all but how much do you want it..

July 29, 2009

Being incensed always seems to tempt me back to blogging more quicly than joy. Sad as that maybe.

I am trying to finish my degree before I hatch. This is increasing difficult because a. I have until 21/08 to do it if i want to graduate this year. b. i keep falling asleep. c. i have tons of baby things to do and d. can’t seem to bloody think straight!!
I think i’d get a lot more done if i wasn’t silently ranting about a few things. I feel like i’m letting people down (mostly my daughter) if i don’t finish this year. I’m scared it will be even more difficult next year.

Sadly the main reason is that i don’t want to be at uni with or have to share my graduation with some people i can no longer tolerate being friends with. They would be ‘oh god i’m SO stressed about my law exam thats in 3 weeks and my 3 other essays i didn’t bother to do in the year i don’t know how im going to do it all but i’m going on holiday with my boyfriend for a week’ and also ‘oh god my observation was awful!! Bob was sooooo mean to me he’s so rubbish’ (thats Bob who’s a colleague and friend of mine who has assessed me twice (both v positive experiences) and whom i also trained as a practice assessor). Have you met my friends ‘get off your arse and do some work’ and ‘learn to take some fecking criticism and grow up’?? They are so much fun!

My midwife said yesterday very sagely that ‘its all well and good this idea that women should be able to still to everything while they are pregnant but the reality is – they can’t’ I felt a bit better after that.