The Final Furlong

1. In 2 weeks I just *might* finish my degree. Its quite a big might but I am plugging away at Asylum Seeker Mental Health, Children and Families, Social Theory and my practice portfolio. No one can say I didn’t try quite hard. I feel like a giant pumpkin at best and get tired all the time, especially on the days I am stuck with the feel hungry all the time but everything I eat makes me nauseus routine. Also I think I have lost my dyslexia tutor but i’m getting a bit past caring about that. I just want to finish.

2. In a month Shep will come home and hopefully fix the loo seats before I throw them off the balcony. He is trapped on his prison ship (oil rig) for a while yet. He is busy writing poems to the baby however.

3. In 6 weeks the baby is due. She at least now has a bedroom and lots of stuff, and some clothing. So far we are kitted out mostly by Ikea, Jojo Maman Bebe, ebay and John Lewis but the nicest baby clothes came second hand from a table top sale at my Sure Start. We don’t have a pram yet but I will be getting a nice red one from Quinny soon enough when I have decided who deserves the £600 the most (not toys r us). I’ve had some mixed reactions about this but well, tough – I wouldn’t put her in Primark shoes either.
Otherwise I am getting irritated by this whole reuseable nappy business. I find disposeables really quite vile so I am keen to have washable nappies but I just want to buy a kit with everything including a nappy pail and the detergent etc and theres seems to be some politics around that.

Meanwhile here is a lesson in manners:

‘Excuse me, whats it like to be pregnant?’ – is a reasonable question which will not cause offence.

(after my back has turned) ‘Oooh, I wonder what being pregnant is like’ is rude! I’m pregnant – not deaf!!

15 Responses to “The Final Furlong”

  1. Hannah Says:

    What would people have against a quinny? They are lovely!!

  2. sungirltan Says:

    han – that i’m insisting on spending that much on a pram. i just can’t bear the cheap looking ones and a lot of the travel systems are too fussy looking for my liking. to me it feels like buying a hangbag i will have to carry every day for at least 3 years so i want a nice/good one!

  3. Dave59r Says:

    Being moved to higher security offshore prison……even less chance of having fun!! 😉

  4. sungirltan Says:

    yes but you’re doing your providing bit, dear

  5. Hannah Says:

    it could have been a bugaboo! If you can afford it why not? I have a mutsy which I love. They are v expensive new but mine is 2nd hand and fab!

  6. sungirltan Says:

    han – i looked at bugaboos but actually i thought they were a bit boring and not as cute x

  7. sungirltan Says:

    i just googled the mutsy – ooh i like those!

  8. Dave59r Says:

    Have the needs changed again??

  9. Hannah Says:

    The bugaboo is a bit dull I agree. My Mutsy is the three wheeler and its great. However, they are big and bulky – and as I think you live in a flat don’t you? its probably not a good as a quinny.

    Prams are honestly a minefield and its a really hard thing to to choose BEFORE you have your baby!

  10. sungirltan Says:

    we have a lift and also what my mum calls a ‘pram shed’ so i’m planning the leave the chassis downstairs. i was gutted alst weekend to be outbid on a 2nd hand quinny in capri blue – flipping broadband went off at the last minute – was the whole lot for £210! i def want to get the carry cot bit too – i’m concious shes a winter baby – i want her to be all snuggly and warm.

  11. Dave59r Says:

    Snuggly & warm very important…..colour not so 🙂 Black & grey is also nice!! he he he xxx

  12. sungirltan Says:

    coming from somebody who wanted purple crocs….

  13. Dave59r Says:


  14. Lisa Says:

    Do we get to see the nursery? I bet it is cute.

  15. Dave59r Says:

    Very very cute…..girl done well 🙂

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