Since today I discovered my Social Theory exam is 5 days later than I’d planned for i’m awarding myself a short break.

1. If anyone doesn’t believe I actually look 8 months pregnant…think again!!


2. A taxi driver asked me if I had Russion roots because of my name. I told him my Dad named me after a child he read about in a museum in Moscow over 30 years ago. The taxi driver seemed pleased and told me it was a good name and ‘not too common’ in the UK. I wonder who will ask my daughter if she knew her name was Arabic.

3. I watched the film Grow Your Own last night on BBC2. It was the story of a group of asylum seekers/refugees being given allotments in Liverpool. It was so similar to my agency’s project we cou;d have written it ourselves. It was funny and subtle and very sad. I was very impressed.

4. On that note I’m going plant shopping tomorrow for the hatchling’s small balcony. Otherwise she will have a view into a gutter. Live things don’t fare too well up here so if anyone can recommend a really hardy perenial(sic) that doesn’t grow too huge in a pot I’d be pleased.

5. My ropey BT broadband is driving me fecking mad. I can’t have Virgin (no cables) and I’m reluctant to have Sky (don’t want a tv package). Any ideas?


19 Responses to “Intermission”

  1. daffy Says:

    I might try that Grow Your Own… I’m trying to get into volutary work at the moment, hoping it will lead to something in the care sector although I have no experience. I was hoping I could do my NVQ. I know it’s a long shot and I’m not sure if I’d be any good but I’m going to try anyway. I’m hoping to work on the stroke ward of our local hosp and help feed the patients unable to do so. Only a couple of nights of a week and maybe a Sunday. The process is so long though. I’ve been working through the stages for nearly 5 months now. Next stop is a BCG scar check and Rubella blood test (?) If you have any helpful tips I’d be grateful. Like I say I have no experience and I’m not over endowed with any super qualifications.
    Your baby bump looks just fine for 8 months, you only have a petite frame anyway judging by the pic. I wasn’t very big with my first…. a neighbour aid that if a baby had gone missing around the same time she would have reported me! hehe I made up for it with my second though. I was pumpkin shaped everywhere! Sorry, I appear to have gone on a bit!
    Take care.. enjoy the last bit!

  2. Dave59r Says:

    Nice 🙂

  3. sungirltan Says:

    hiya – theres heaps of voluntary work you can get into easily. There a website with listings … – i’ve used this in the past. Depends what sector you would like really…children? adults with special needs? bme stuff? I got all the info for a group down here i wanted to volunteer with through the National Austistic Society but i never justifiably had the time.
    If you are into gardening type stuff there is also who i have worked with before and do all manner of conservation type projects. The only advice otherwise i can offer re volunteering is don’t be shy but don’t take on more than is realistic for you time wise xx

  4. Dave59r Says:

    Nice ‘Bobos’ SGT!! 😉

  5. Pete Says:

    Steer clear of sky – the problem with not having cable is you’re always restricted to things that use BT’s backbone which is problematic at busy times. How is cell phone signal? Do you get good 3G? I use 3G mobile broadband in the house now – it’s slightly slower but far more reliable than our sky.

  6. Dick Says:

    1. Wow. You are indeed carrying all before you.
    3. Wasn’t it great? A film that sort slipped through the net, but up there with the other neo-social comedy/doc. dramas.

  7. Sal Says:

    What is little ‘uns name?

  8. sungirltan Says:

    Dick – yeh it was and so so accurate – i should know.
    sal – can’t tell you on ‘ere – someone might nick it!!

  9. pinkjellybaby Says:

    You have a name picked? Awwww… and you’re still tiny, even with the bump!

  10. Dave59r Says:

    She has been a member of the family for 8 months now…..cant wait to see her face 🙂

  11. Fabulous Says:

    You have a beautiful bump. Mine is twice the size hun. x

  12. Flighty Says:

    I watched Grow Your Own and really enjoyed it. I think that all allotmenteers know some people like those in the film!
    Take care! xx

  13. Lucy Says:

    You look gorgeous! Would love to know her name if possible xx

  14. Midnight Says:

    That’s a mighty fine bump for sure! Ours is now a bouncing baby boy! And I’m probably about 10% as knackered as my other half is, so enjoy!

  15. nikki Says:

    i want to kiss the baby!!!!

  16. G.Kass Says:

    I’m still looking for evidence of narcissism. It must be subtle. Love your blog and all the comments.

  17. sungirltan Says:

    hey thanks – the narcissism thing is because a friend once described blogging as ‘omg – what is that – like ‘narcissistics anonymous?’ nut since i just write about myself i guess it kind of is!

  18. vern Says:

    so terribly boring

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