1 week to go…

I have not yet hatched. Any tips on hurrying this up gratefully recieved. Meanwhile at Shep Towers we’ve been busy playing with all the baby junk. Here is Shep, practising….


baby carrier



bum cover

So as you can see, if I give birth to a build a bear we’re totally prepared!


9 Responses to “1 week to go…”

  1. pinkjellybaby Says:

    one week?! oh my! good luck! Xx

  2. Hannah Says:

    Love the photos! Good luck lovely, hope it all goes well xx

  3. blue soup Says:

    I was told spicy food can induce labour. I visited a work friend who was heavily pregnant a few years ago and we got a curry in. I left that evening and heard the next day that she had gone in to labour a few hours after I went home.

    Wishing you the very best for the birth and looking forward to hearing news of the hatchling arriving.

    Much love x

  4. Fabulous Says:

    have nookie. Its like having a sweep. I did it with my first. It was really uncomfortable but if you get to the stage where you just want out. Just grit your teeth and do it…. or putting it plainly…. let Shep do it to you.
    Nothing else works. All the best. x

  5. Dave59r Says:

    Curry?…phuuut!!…..she only likes chicken tikka masala which lets face it isnt really curry!?!?!


  6. Lisa Says:

    Lots of walking, is what they do here. Good luck!!

  7. Sal Says:

    Please text or call me when you get this. If you don’t want to speak, just please let me know that everyone at your end is ok. Love you. x

  8. nikki Says:

    tanyaaaa i’m waiting with baited breath!!!!! love you SO much!

  9. Midnight Says:

    Congrats on the 2.1! I got one of those so you are ingood company!

    It’s great fun for us blokes buying and playing with all the kit! Mind you, still not managed to get young Jack in baby carrier yet, it’s far more tricky with a moving object than a bear!

    Hope you hatch soon. No tips from me I’m afraid, TD’s waters broke and she was induced, which wasn’t pleasant and didn’t work, so ended up with a section!

    Good luck!!!!

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