1 Month Old

And all is well, seemingly. The goblin is asleep in her basket. We’ve broken the back of the laundry mountain and had a reasonably good nights sleep. Later I will steel myself and take her cards down from the windowsills although I want to leave them up for months. I already have a bag of clothes she has outgrown, ready for Shep’s niece’s little daughter, due 20 weeks after Zadie, although I held back the tiniest pink stripey vest because she really will never be that small again.

Zadie weighs 8lbs 2 ozs now and looks alot less flimsey. She smiled properly for the first time yesterday, not for us but for Grandma!


3 Responses to “1 Month Old”

  1. daffy Says:

    How lovley! Oh the memories you are awakening! With mine at 19 & 14 you do wonder where the years go! Keep her first shoes! We kept my sons first shoes and then my brother mounted them on a little plinthe and they look so cool! (I’m easy pleased!)
    Enjoy! x

  2. lisa Says:

    awww… Sounds like things are quite happy in your house 🙂

    You’ll find yourself donating clothes for ages to come. Ever wonder what it’d be like getting a whole new wardrobe every 3 months?

  3. Dick Says:

    Washing mountains: stick with one or you’ll have long, wearying years of constant washing mountain ahead of you. At the very least, ensure that you have extended warranties on washing machine and spin dryer.

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