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Happy Holidays!

December 29, 2009

I am still too absent minded to blog properly so again here are some updates from Shep Towers…

1. Naturally Zadie got a least 3 times as many christmas presents than Shep or I. The only ones she was interested in were a fluffy sheep with a bell inside which she rammed straight into her mouth and cuddled and a little gadget which you hang on the cot that plays Bach and Mozart. Grandma also bought her a posh wooden baby gym which she has been bashing away at and grabbing happily.

2. Zadie is thriving and I think I have got over a hurdle with the breastfeeding although I still often find it less than ideal. Only another 3 months to go until weaning time.

3. We had all the best intentions about using washable nappies. I bought 40 terry nappies from Green Baby and all the other kit you need with a view to using them full time. I bought biodegradeable disposeables for the hospital (although they come from Israel so I’m not sure about their green credentials once you count the air miles!). Of course the terry nappies were too big for Zadie when she hatched so we didn’t start them for a while but when she grew a bit we did persevere. However, I know now that we will never go 100% reuseable. Zadie will tolerate a wet disposeable for hours but will not bear a wet terry for even a minute – Grandma says this is a good sign for potty training later on though. We have a sort of routine with them now where Z has a terry for at home during the day and a disaposeable eco nappy during the night and if we are out and about and if I’m being honest when I am having a difficult day with her and want to get her to sleep! I really tried!

4. Z is 3 months old next week and is just growing out of newborn sized clothes so I still have piles of posh baby clothes I was given when she was born. She is bang on her centile curve though.

5. Passing the 3 month mark means Z is allowed to try out a whole new set of kit I bought her including the front facing baby carrier, her bumbo seat and best of all the baby bouncer you hang of a door frame. We bought her a swimsuit today – it was exactly what I imagined – red and white polka dot with a frill around the waist – we can take her in the pool on friday – very exciting!

6. Meanwhile I was given BSM driving lesson vouchers by two of my friends for christmas and told to get on with it! Grandma has agreed a regular babysitting day on Wednesdays so I can book lessons. I am bit scared!

7. Lastly I am starting my power pramming (yes, really) class after new year and hope to run the half marathon yet – heres hoping!