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January 22, 2010

Everyone who has kids kept telling me that after 3 months it would start to get easier and I didn’t believe them. Then the 3 month mark came and went and suddenly it did. Zadie has a routine now and goes a few hours between feeds now instead of every flipping hour (Gina Ford can poke it – every 4 hours – yeh whatever). Actually going completely decaff helped with that too.

The wee baby is not so wee anymore and growing likes it going out of fashion. She has moved off her centile curve and it heading to the next one up which is the middle average. Shei s very jolly and friendly and has recently started laughing.

I went to look at a nursery for her yesterday. I found a montessori in Plymouth for her which is very nice and i’m hoping if it works out that she can stay there until its time to go to school.

Meanwhile I have finally started losing weight. I can’t go mad because I am feeding Z still but I have organised myself a bit and gone for low fat options here and there. So far I have lost 5lbs! I have also been swimming at the gym over the road as a way of building up to working out properly. Now I feel a bit stronger I have ordered one of those arm band things you put the ipod in and when it arrives I reckon I have to start the gym proper.

I think I will mourn the loss of LivingWell in Leicester when I moved south forever. There is a Cannons in Plymouth but its a bit of a walk and I decided that going there and putting Z in the creche after I’ve trained her to take expressed milk from a bottle was just way too much hassle when the hotel gym here was open until 10 weeknights and my baby goes to bed at 6.30…and she only has 2.5 months left until weaning anyway. I digress. The gyms down here are generally quite provincial and quirky and not always in a good way and patronised by some right types. Old men wearing thongs was a feature of my Torquay gym.

Recovery from the c section is funny thing. I can’t seem to gaugue it. I feel for ages as if nothing is happening and then periodically I wake up in the morning and realise I’ve got a bit better. But its a slow slow process.

ps. Since I can rarely get to the cinema I bought the book on which the forthcoming and much critiqued film ‘Precious’ is based. It is the most social worky book ever and well, shocking isn’t quite the word.