February Fill the Ditch

Actually it hasn’t rained too much down here the last few weeks, its more cold and nippy. Its a serious business, the weather. Inspired by PennyGolightly I am giving serious thought to what I should plant at Shep Towers this year. As instructed I have seeds from thr Aldi and Poundland so I am starting with windowsill herbs and 3 kinds of bean. I want to give tomatoes another go this year as we have the perfect greenhouse environment in the kitchen but need to find a better indoor variety.

On the baby front we are all well and good. The wee baby is much more co ordinated these days and is all about clutching and slobbering over her little collection of rattles and stuffed friends (the me to you blue bee is v popular this week). She is very jolly and rewarding.

Meanwhile I still haven’t had a driving lesson ( i have a start date though) but am enjoying not really having a schedule and actually not being really stressed for the first time in a good few years!

Meanwhile meanwhile I am now addicted to mumsnet and arguing!


6 Responses to “February Fill the Ditch”

  1. cha0tic Says:

    You realise you could just post:
    “Being a mummy and it’s working out fine”
    Then disappear for the next couple of years with out a post. Until you popped up and posted:
    “Arrgghhh HELP what do I do about… ” (This thing about being a Mummy)
    You could do that…
    …but I’m a sentimental old fool and it’s lovely to hear that net pals with babies are well and fine and their offspring are doing the do as they should do.

  2. sungirltan Says:

    indeed. but i have mumsnet for crisis moments.

    but yeh…i don’t have much to write about just now…..seem thats the way with blogs – works well if you have a dramatic life!

  3. Dave59r Says:

    You have a dramatic life…….your a parent of a wee baby!!

  4. Fabulous Says:

    haha adicted to mumsnet. Im staying well clear.
    Good for you growingyour own. I think toms would be great. And always a winner.
    Aw your little one sounds brilliant. Mine is also slobbering over various things. Mainly his hands that he shoves in his mouth. x

  5. Isabelle Says:

    Love mumsnet! I have to stay away though because sometimes I’ll waste a whole day reading through the bulletin board stuff… Claire is mostly slobbering these days as well – I think teeth are coming soon!

  6. sungirltan Says:

    hey isabelle! i will get back to this blogging lark any day now he he

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