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Tick Tick Tick

February 25, 2011

I am waiting by the phone for the head of childrens services to phone me with feedback about a job application which did not result in an interview :-(. I missed her call yesterday….Error error error! I know more or less what she will say, that my 3rd year placement wasn’t statutory and that I need to ‘sell my sw experience’ more. I also know that Plymouth do this kind of unofficial policy where they only invite you to interview after the second application (much research amongst colleagues). Better still the rolling recruitment programme has closed for the time being due to the ConDem cuts so I can’t reapply again soon anyway BUT I can apply to Devon and Torbay but I think I need to get this feedback first. This is not making me very motivated or productive right now.

I want to go back to work now! Its the last big hurdle post baby. Driving test passed, small is settled at nursery and we are way past the new baby chaos stage where doing ANYTHING seems like a huge effort.