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Happy Holidays!

December 29, 2009

I am still too absent minded to blog properly so again here are some updates from Shep Towers…

1. Naturally Zadie got a least 3 times as many christmas presents than Shep or I. The only ones she was interested in were a fluffy sheep with a bell inside which she rammed straight into her mouth and cuddled and a little gadget which you hang on the cot that plays Bach and Mozart. Grandma also bought her a posh wooden baby gym which she has been bashing away at and grabbing happily.

2. Zadie is thriving and I think I have got over a hurdle with the breastfeeding although I still often find it less than ideal. Only another 3 months to go until weaning time.

3. We had all the best intentions about using washable nappies. I bought 40 terry nappies from Green Baby and all the other kit you need with a view to using them full time. I bought biodegradeable disposeables for the hospital (although they come from Israel so I’m not sure about their green credentials once you count the air miles!). Of course the terry nappies were too big for Zadie when she hatched so we didn’t start them for a while but when she grew a bit we did persevere. However, I know now that we will never go 100% reuseable. Zadie will tolerate a wet disposeable for hours but will not bear a wet terry for even a minute – Grandma says this is a good sign for potty training later on though. We have a sort of routine with them now where Z has a terry for at home during the day and a disaposeable eco nappy during the night and if we are out and about and if I’m being honest when I am having a difficult day with her and want to get her to sleep! I really tried!

4. Z is 3 months old next week and is just growing out of newborn sized clothes so I still have piles of posh baby clothes I was given when she was born. She is bang on her centile curve though.

5. Passing the 3 month mark means Z is allowed to try out a whole new set of kit I bought her including the front facing baby carrier, her bumbo seat and best of all the baby bouncer you hang of a door frame. We bought her a swimsuit today – it was exactly what I imagined – red and white polka dot with a frill around the waist – we can take her in the pool on friday – very exciting!

6. Meanwhile I was given BSM driving lesson vouchers by two of my friends for christmas and told to get on with it! Grandma has agreed a regular babysitting day on Wednesdays so I can book lessons. I am bit scared!

7. Lastly I am starting my power pramming (yes, really) class after new year and hope to run the half marathon yet – heres hoping!

1 Month Old

November 12, 2009

And all is well, seemingly. The goblin is asleep in her basket. We’ve broken the back of the laundry mountain and had a reasonably good nights sleep. Later I will steel myself and take her cards down from the windowsills although I want to leave them up for months. I already have a bag of clothes she has outgrown, ready for Shep’s niece’s little daughter, due 20 weeks after Zadie, although I held back the tiniest pink stripey vest because she really will never be that small again.

Zadie weighs 8lbs 2 ozs now and looks alot less flimsey. She smiled properly for the first time yesterday, not for us but for Grandma!

Protected: Its about time I told you…

October 13, 2009

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September 30, 2009


I’ve not hatched yet but I did get to graduate!

Beauty and The Geek

August 4, 2009

Years ago, when I exporting diamonds for a living and trying to find myself I suppose, I had a co worker I was very chummy with. He was like a 25 year old Peter Kay – chubby, dishevelled and very dry and funny. That place was as boring as hell to work at but we entertained eachother by laughing at other people there for many months. He was about as northern as you can get and had ended up in the Leicester after following his girlfriend there while she studied. The girlfriend was equally chubby and cheerful and they seemed happy and well suited. When she finsihed her course they headed back up north and bought a house together close to their families. That was 5 years ago.

About a year ago I got a friend request on facebook from a name I well remembered but a face……..Peter Kay had a makeover, lost several stone, discovered fake tan, topman and had taken up residence at Toni and Guy. I was quite stunned. not in a good way. Relationship status – single, but soon replaced by a conveyor belt of page 3 stunna type girlfriends with major hair extensions and plastic boobs.

I had a trawl through his pictures the other day, no family, friends, fun like most people but a plethora of wannabe male model pouting poses – the one with the Beckham style leather jacket with nothing underneath made me laugh the most. All I could think of was the film Zoolander – and blue steel!!

And then I read his status from a few weeks ago….’there must be more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking’. I nearly wee’d .And wondered about post ironic irony.

Lucky me

July 15, 2009

I did a visit in a school with confirmed swine flu last week. I didn’t know that at the time. My doc has given me tamiflu because I am classed as vulnerable. I feel like utter shit and can’t keep down anything.

In short…

June 29, 2009

I am madly trying to finish my placement before it finishes me. 9 days full time to go. I am feeling odd and sad about it. Once its over its over – no more fun times with refugees, cooking with boisterous ladies yelling in arabic, cuddling babies, laughing like drains with my service users, having really big talks about cultural differences and the oppression of women accross them, finding common ground at the ends of the earth, meeting some really wonderful, unforgettable characters.

I have turned 30, none too happily but I did have a lovely weekend in Padstow with Shep. We ate at Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant and it was fabulous. V tasty, tasty fish things to be had there! Padstow was also really beautiful and i’d like to go back many times. On the way back we stopped for ice cream and played with piglets – shep was of course in 7th heaven!

I am now uncomfortably pregnant. The baby wriggles a lot which is nice and kicks me in the guts which is horrid. The wee baby growing anymore seems inconcievable.

Meanwhile I finally have some stuff. I’ve collected a truck load of baby girl things from a friend with a 20 month old but nothing smaller than 3 months and I am still a bit confused about what its all for! However I did get a v comprehensive list from newshoes and ordered a ton of stuff from john lewis. Babies are expensive!


June 16, 2009


(i had a 3d scan – i’ve seen her bum and everything)

(thank bloody god for that!)

I am green today, I chirp with joy like a cricket song..

May 23, 2009

I spent all day yesterday at the allotment run my my refugee agency. It was the long overdue planting and digging open day. In laymans terms that means we rounded up as many staff and service users as we could convince and dug over the plots and filled them with new baby veg plants.
The plot is on the hillside of Central Park in Plymouth and overlooks the city and the sea. It is windy and bright. I got sunburnt on my hands from working and on my collarbone as a perfect scoop neckline, broken up by the white space left by the chunky bronze heart necklace I was wearing. So classy! And I tease Shep for his farmer tan.
We have crops now of broad beans, rasberries, spuds, sweetcorn, tomoatoes, peppers and chilllies, butternut squash, peas, onions and garlic. There is also tons of other stuff that might not identify itself for a few weesk yet!

Meanwhile at Shep Towers my kitchen garden has been descimated by greenfly and I have lost one tub of tomatoes and all the bell and jalapeno peppers. I think my last remaining sunflower is also on its knees. I gave in and procured the spray fly killer but work up to a horrible chlorophyl smell and dead plants. I wanted to cry buckets over my first failing but spurred on by the allotment day out I am determined I will pick myself up and carry on. Shep ferried me to B&Q and I now have some new pepper and other assorted veg plants and a really posh wooden planter. There is also a piece in the Telegraph magazione today that makes me want an allotment of my own so much I can’t even tell you!

Hooray for Aunties

April 6, 2009