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A life for a life….

October 1, 2007

George died on Friday. Its been a year since he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. On tuesday they planned to discharge him with a care package which included modifications to the house and various other support and a wheelchair. Given the choice I don’t think i’d hang around for that either.

I can’t go on and on about how sad I am. He’d hate that. But right now cuddling Isobel is the only thing which makes me feel better.

Never mind all that….

May 4, 2007

George has been booked in for an emergency MRI scan on tuesday. Although he is just about responding to the radiotherapy the consultant suspects secondary cancer elsewhere.

I have to decide by the end of this month whether to take my second year placement either here in Plymouth or up the line close to Mum and stay at home 3 days a week. I think it may be made for me on Tuesday. Communting a bit more – its just not the end of the world is it. Unlike other possible events.

Mum just about coped with the scan news but freaked because G’s daughter bought him a tv for his bedroom for his birthday. Mum concluded that they know something she doesnt and that he will become bedridden in an instant. Even i know this is completely irrational – i mean what else could you buy a 70 year old man with 2 types of cancer who cant drive anymore as a present? The tv is one of those flatscreen ones you hang on the wall – i know for a fact that G would love that.