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Something of Myself

November 17, 2008


This is my favourite picture from my saturday night out. It was a flat warming event for my friend Quirky to celebrate her being single, finding a smashing flat on the Barbican (she’s arrived!!) and general fabulousness.

The dressing up theme changed several times but ended up being wear whatever you like plus neon pink tights and these daft scrunchie things we got from Claire’s Accessories and a side ponytail. A bloke in the pub called me Malibu Stacey. He he he. why didn’t i think of that?

Obviously the most fun to be had was before we left the flat, hanging out of the window and laughing at people, asking them if they had been sponsored by Topshop (men in fashion cardigans) and making rude comments about the girls trying to impersonate Quality Streets (those hideous neon satin dresses from new look).

After that we ventured to The Maritime for cheap drinks. Sadly toreap this reward one has to put up with being surrounded by dim looking chav boys, a rugby team and well, quite terrifying girls. ho hum.

Sadly this resulted in being gratuitusly groped by said rugby oiks which resulted in me screaming ‘well why don’t you get a f**king life!!’ at one of them.

After many a vodka and redbull we totterd off to Annabels for a bop. This was moslty good except for the increasing number of face girls in there. By face girls i mean the ‘is that the best you can do??’ face accompanied by the looking down noses at people dancing and being silly and having a good time. Not cool.

I do recall having a VERY random conversation with a stranger about how to win back the affection of ones girlfriend after a bout of chlymidia. Nice!

The Rough Guide to Plymouth

March 31, 2008

Is what this post might sound like…………..

Shep and I have been out and about over the weekend. On saturday we dined at Carpe Diem (tapas type things). It was v tasty. I’m all about satay chicken and chilli poppers. We went for drinks after on the barbican but it was a bit dead due to the weather. Where are the beautiful people of Plymouth? They used to be in Treasury and Ha Ha but those places are a bit w**ker top heavy now for our liking. Its all poser boys and face girls (you know…the ‘is that the best you can do’ face).
We like Annabel’s though. It has live bands and burlesque. Unfortunately this week it also had Text Boy. Cue lots of rubber necking from Shep. He he.

On sunday we strolled on the hoe with ice creams until it got too windy (translate, SGT moaned). In the evening we went to the Reel Cinema across the road to see 27 Dresses. Yes, it was cheese on toast but quite enjoyable. The town centre cinema is on its knees but now costs £2.75 in the week. shep and I plan to watch every single film until it closes!

so what have you lot been up to?

Post V Day (because my brain is pickled and i cant think of a good song lyric just now)

February 15, 2008

So that was Happy Hallmark Day. Hope you all had a good one free from dissapointment, arguments and Shell garage bouquets. I fared extremely well this year but then again my intended is far away…i’d rather have had him home and no presents.

But however…I got home from a very long week wanting to curl up and die yesterday but hsalf an hour later had a new pair of boots from Office i had been coveting for some time, some posh chocolates and a bottle of Laurent Perrier.

Hmm….new shoes…posh booze and then one of the MYF’s phoned to see what i was up to…’getting merry with you and then going out’ was the response. He he.

I also recieved what should have been a gorgeous bouquet of pink and red  long stemmed roses but what turned up was a bouquet of roses with frostbite and the petals falling off. One cross sounding phone call later and the little chap turned up and swapped them for a new set. Fairs fair I thought…..and then after id cut them and stood them in a vase i woke up this morning to find most of the heads had drooped right over and petals were falling already. I  know its only flowers but i really wanted to cry. They should have made my flat pretty for a week but i suspect they will be binned on sunday night when i get back from my folks. The irritation.

And finally heres the post i never thought id write. My mother has arranged to take me to a wedding fair on sunday. *in the style of Lindsay Lohan’s mother in Mean Girls* ‘WHO ARE YOU?’ That said i have gone from overwhelmed and confused about this whole wedding business to aquiring ideas and actually starting to enjoy it a bit.

Theres a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis…..

December 9, 2007

And he’s a liar and I’m not sure about you.

Well that was a night out and a half. Playscheme xmas party. Playscheme boss did a cracking job I have to say. We had dinner at Barbican Kitchen which is a Tanners restuarant – those little chaps on This Morning making the puddings no less. It was amazing food fans!!!

After that we did the barbican pub crawl and I ended up dancing on the tables with my boss and the manager ha ha ha.

However…..we went up to Union Rooms for more dancing about except I bumped into Text Boy at the bar. (last year short term bf bit of a wanker). As always he tried to talk to me and I blanked him. Not mature I know but frankly I can’t stand him. So I got my JD and wandered off. As if by magic my phone buzzed almost instantly. It was text boy. Gah. I could transcribe the whole conversation but it was quite lengthy. The gist of it was me telling him to go away to the point where I actually sent a message saying ‘I dont want to be friends, I dont even like you as a person as you are rude and arrogant’ He responded by saying he missed me and kept trying to convince me to go back to the pub and have a drink with him. Id left to go to BNP boy’s house by then – on purpose yes! I got bored after that and went to bed. When I got up this morning there were 5 messages from him asking if he could come round and talk to me!!! FFS!!! I replied at about lunchtime assuming he was drunk and would retract it all. He did not!!!

Honestly men are such opportunists!!!

and no – I’m not even entertaining the thought – I want even flattered!

I’d love to stay here and be normal. But it’s just so overated.

October 12, 2007

I have bounced back a bit I think from earlier periods of gloom. My uni placement is going v well so far (not wanting to tempt fate). I have been doing a training course on internet safety and social networking sites with the police. Nothing I didn’t already know except this Bebo site is number one if you are a paedophile. I went marching round to C’s on the way home to announce that little nipper and my god daughter were never having their own computers ever and that was final. You would too.

Meanwhile I went out last night with my Much Younger Friends. It was most amusing. We scared a few boys alot. One of MYF’s boyfriends tried to set me up with a recently dumped, depressed boy. I said ‘Er no!! Baggage!!!!’ I was proud of myself.
I did see some quite hot scruffy band types though and relished in new singleness!

Protected: (whats the catch??!!)

March 18, 2007

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