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We’re sick of being jerked around – Wear that on your sleeve.

June 25, 2008

Excuse me while I just rant.

(Bit of background before I start spewing……..I moved in with Shep in March. Before that I lived in a rented flat by myself close to the campus. I had a standard september to july contract which could only release me if I found a replacement tennant. Well I did just that and she moved in March 21st, signed a tennancy agreement which ran from that date until July and paid a deposit (which was £100 more than mine!!). The replacement tennant is a realy good friend of mine who had recently split from a co habiting relationship and needed to move quickly. But thats beside the point.)

I am a bit absent minded and have been meaning to rinng up about this for a while. I submitted my repayment claim with the Deposit Protection Service a few weeks ago but nothing happened. So I phoned up my old landlord.

Me: Hello, I was living in flat *** but I moved out on March 21st. I’ve registered with DPS. Can you release my deposit please or have I done it wrong or something?

Towers Lettings: Well we don’t release the deposit until the tennancy ends in July.

Me: Erm…I’ve foreited my contract and you’ve let the flat to someone else.

TL: Oh yes.

Me: So since you’ve taken a deposit from a new tennant can you release mine please unless you plan to make deductions which I’m happy to discuss.

TL: Well I suppose we’ll make an exception and I can put it through for you next week.

Me: Right good.

TL: She’s an interesting character isn’t she (new tennant)

Me: Oh yes (they have no idea whether i either know her from Adam or whether she is my sister – i never told them or deemed it necessary)

TL: Well we never see her. I mean well I think she works quite alot. (You never saw me unless I went in the office to moan about something which was only occasionally so what’s your point!?)

Me: So anyway did you do an inspection, do I lose any deposit for damage or anything?

TL: Well we haven’t inspected the flat. However the university inspector came a while back and she let them in to her flat. They had a few choice words to say.

Me: (Can’t think of anything to distract her)

TL: Yes well they said it was very messy and like something from Crimewatch. (Well firstly thats extrmemely rude, since she was doing the company a favour by letting the Accomodation use her flat to grade that building. Secondly whats that got to do with me??

TL: And…….She gets her rent paid by the council and sometimes they are really slow. I’ll have to get a deposit from them. (Why don’t you just give me her DOB and mother’s maiden name soi can clean out her bank account!!)

I’ve since checked with replacement tennant – who paid her deposit in cash and has a receipt and contract so the last random jibe was an outrageous lie!

So that was fun. If I don’t get my money back next week as promised I’ll be on to the CAB since helpful Ian sent me the legislation stating my deposit has to be returned in 7 working days. And as for the grossly unprofessional bitching about the current tennant – whether this is breaching DPA I’m not sure but I’m thinking if I write any letters I’m CCing them to the Accomodation Office at the uni.

Back to reality….

March 18, 2007

Well…..FFH is moving out today but the skanky girlfriend is planning to stay on in his room. I wasn’t immediately bothered until one of the upstairs boys confessed its mainly her that thieves from everyone. I presume I can throw her out for sqatting since i doubt v much that she plans to pay any rent etc. There was an aura of clam for about 5 minutes this morning and the remaining residents cleared up the flat/retrieved the furniture from upstairs/generally made the place nice again. Then we found out about HER. Rats.


March 13, 2007

Flatmate from hell is moving out. Aww poor baby he’s failing his course. Karmas a bitch aint it.

Swings and Roundabouts

March 11, 2007

Everything in my life is becoming disjointed. It’s a bit odd. On the one hand uni is starting to fly for me and I’m getting things churned out and handed in whilst not freaking out! On the other hand my flat is becoming a nightmare. FFH and his gf and thier mates are home constantly now with their happy hardcore and bongs and White Lightning until 7am. FFH’s gf is a whole other story but a bit gross to blog about on here. Since I lodged the complaint nothing else has been taken thank god but he’s not speaking to me – boo hoo!! No one else likes him either – he owes G a load of cash and T spends alot more time away from the flat now so at least I know its not just me being over sensitive. He’s a big coward though – we were in the kitchen alone together last night and he could have spoekn to me and resolved it somewhat but he didn’t dare look me in the eye! What an idiot.

Meanwhile in other news….
I had a lovely email from a far away friend the other day talking about going through periods where things go a bit downhill and you find out who your real friends are and funnily enough I seemed to have wandered into one of those periods myself just lately. (although someone pointed out that people can say over the net what they sure as hell wouldn’t to your face so i’m less bothered about that now). Don’t know why it bothered me at all – i’ve had the same best mates for years and thats unlikely to change.


March 9, 2007

Firstly whats gong on with my layout WP?? Hmmm?
Secondly……..since FFH got the nasty letter from the building manager nothing of mine has been touched. Not that he’s been home though…hmm…we’ll see eh.



March 8, 2007

Today is International Womens Day. C and I went to a some Social Work talks this morning until C’s niece had a good yell during ‘Social Work in Romania’ and we gave up.
C’s niece is two and v blonde and cute. Lots of cute boys looked at me today when I was pushing her aorund town. Who’d have thought the ‘suspected single Mum’ look would help with meeting men?!
But… the queue for Starbucks in the uni courtyard later on…..the nipper got excited and yelled ‘DADA’ at everyone. About 5 boy students turned around, looked at her and almost shat themselves. Tee hee.

Meanwhile I have formally complained about FFH and he’s now had a letter detailing why his behaviour is unacceptable and suggesting he replace the items as a ‘gesture’. Like thats going to happen. Unite have offered my a room in a girls only flat upstairs but will charge me £50 for the priviledge. Grrrr


March 6, 2007

Exasperation. The student version of Homer Simpson has just cleared another fridge full of my food. His favourite thing to do is drink all the juice and put the EMPTY carton back in.

Wit’s end.

On one hand……

March 5, 2007

I just saw my mock law exam and it went really well!! (this has never happened to me in an exam EVER). The revision worked – i remembered EVERYTHING. Hurrah.

But you know..just to balance out the unviverse the food stealing in my flat has reached crisis point and I am at a loss as to how to handle this.  Friends have suggested either buying a mini fridge or applying for a room transfer. The fridge would cost £50 at the most and be the least hassle option but moving costs £50 also with associated time and effort and if I move to another flat I might have worse issues. However since food theif stays up making a racket until about 9am the next day – can things be any worse in another flat?? Maybe not. My nice flatmate (who is a girl) spent a good couple of hours blitzing the kitchen yesterday, did all the left over wasjing up and mopped the floor etc and cajoled the rest of us into removing the bin bags.  Most residents took the incventive to actually put their clean plates etc away and everything so at tea time yesterday the kitchen looked gleaming. However when I went back at 10pm it was full of boys who dont live here and the whole place was trashed again and the fridge has been emptied of anything good.